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Daily Highlights: 15/11/2014

President Poroshenko signed a number of decrees including on emergency measures to ensure the state security, on stabilization of the situation within occupied territories and on energy security of the country. Situation in Ukraine was one of the central questions at G20 leaders meeting in Australia.


●      President Poroshenko signed a bill to activate the NSDC decision on emergency measures to stabilize the situation within the occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhans’k regions. This includes: cancellation of the law, previously approved by the Parliament, on ‘’Special status of Donbass territories’’, non-recognition of ’’elections’’, conducted by terrorist DPR and LPR ’’republics’’; establishment of the orderly process of humanitarian aid delivery; payments regulation and accounting of the energy resources consumed within these territories; cease of the state enterprises functioning within these territories; transfer of the civil servants to the territories controlled by Ukraine; introduction of the special procedure of tax payers accounting; rebulding of coal enterprises and energy infrastructure, destroyed during the combat actions. National bank has been ordered to terminate servicing of all accounts of private persons and legal entities within the occupied territories.
●      Presidential decree on energy security includes the following measures: use of natural gas produced in Ukraine solely for the need of population; strengthening of financial discipline and ensuring timely payments for consumed energy, including introduction of energy prepayment from December 1st; ubiquitous introduction of energy consumption meters. The question of economic feasibility of purchasing coal and electricity from Russia is under discussion.
●      One of the Poroshenko decrees is dedicated to strengthening of the State security and reinforcement of defense capabilities. Among measures in the decree are: creation of separate Airmobile Forces; reassessment of food and goods supply standards for the army; introduction of accounting for captured weapons; creation of the management and coordination center within the Ministry of Defense. Should be modified procedure of law enforcement and prosecutors to investigate war crimes and strengthening of responsibility for them. The working procedures of the law enforcement agencies and prosecutors office for insvestigation of war crimes should be revised, and liabilities for those should be strenthened. Development of a medical military doctrine is being planned. Serious attention is dedicated to development of military-patriotic movement and organizations. Also, a modernization of government communications and development of ground radio broadcasting network in the Donbass are being planned.
●      Prosecutor General Yarema informed about the arrest of assets and bank accounts, belonging to the family of ex-president Yanukovych and his fellows, amounting to 35 bln. UAH. Investigation of the crimes against Maidan activists is moving ahead, despite destroyed evidence and resistance of former power structures serviceman.
●      Leader of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Under Kyiv Patriarchate) Filaret said that Russian aggression is doomed to fail and called denials of Russian troops presence in Ukraine lies.


●      Ukraine is getting ready to implement a joint project with China to build an ‘’Air Express’’, which will connect Kyiv with Boryspil International Airport. The project will start in the first half of 2015.
●      Protest action against Russian occupation of Ukrainian and Georgian territories took place in Kyiv.

War in Ukraine

●      Hot spots during the day were Dzerzhinsk, Gorlivka, Debaltseve, Avdyivka, Peski, Krasnogorivka as well as several other towns in the Luhans’k region, where civilians and Ukrainian military were killed as a result of shelling by militants.
●      The list of military man, who betrayed their country during Russian occupation of Crimea, was published.
●      Militants seized the building of First Ukrainian International Bank in Donetsk, which belongs to oligarch Akhmetov.
●      The governor of the Donetsk region Kikhtenko rejected the possibility of talks with the DPR on all matters, except those of communal services.
●      NSDC leadership confirmed the fact of negotiations with DPR and LPR militants with participation of Russian officers and representatives of OSCE on the demarcation of territories and troops withdrawal. The negotiations were just of preliminary matter.
●      The seventh “humanitarian convoy’’ from Russia is ready to invade Ukrainian territory.


●      G20 leaders summit is ongoing in Australia with the following topics in the core of the agenda: situation in Ukraine, International Monetary Fund reform, fight with the Ebola fever and islamic extremism. The World leaders are pressuring Russia, accusing it of support for terrorists who’ve shot down the MH17 flight, escalation of aggression in Ukraine, and also threatening Russia with new sanctions. Australia’s population has greeted Russian President Vladimir Putin with posters and chanting “Putin – kh@ylo“. German Chancellor Merkel discussed with Putin the ways to resolve the Ukrainian crisis for more than one hour. G20 leaders urged Putin to immediately withdraw Russian troops from Ukrainian territory and to stop supporting Donbass terrorists with weapons and mercenaries. Western media notice bad mood of Putin and evident dismissive attitude towards him from the side of the other forum participants.
●      Despite the reduction of Russian natural gas  supplies, Slovakia didn’t disrupt reverse supplies to Ukraine.
●      Well known Russian blogger Varlamov refuted the Russian First channel propaganda film, which pitched a theory that MH17 flight was shot down by a Ukrainian fighter jet.
●      President Putin threatens Ukraine with collapse of financial system by asking for an early repayment of the credit, provided by Gazprombank, and demanding a return of the natural gas from Ukrainian storage facilities, which belong to Putin-controlled oligarch Firtash.
●      Lithuania urged the EU leadership to put in place a “Marshall plan” of economic and consultative support to Ukraine with a perspective of EU membership.


●      Western media state Ukrainian economy collapse as a result of absence of reforms, continuing hostilities in Donbass, pressure from Russia, and are urging the World leaders to provide comprehensive economic and military support to Ukraine as well as to support its integration to the World community.


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