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Daily Highlights: 13/11/2014

Chances of aggression expansion by Russian troops and DPR and LPR formations in the Donbas is very high. Tensions in the conflict zone are raising. Number of temporary migrants in Ukraine is close to one million.


●      President Poroshenko signed a decree: on November 21 Ukraine will celebrate the Day of Dignity and Freedom.
●      After the contract for the supply from South Africa fell apart, Ukraine is going to buy more than 500 million tons of coal from Russia.
●      According to the SBU adviser Lubkivsky, continuation of negotiations in Minsk format is not planned because the militants do not fulfill the agreements reached.
●      Former Ukrainian Presidents Kravchuk and Yushchenko urged to prepare for a long standoff with Russia.
●      According to the American financier Soros, Naftogaz is the main source of corruption in Ukraine.
●      According to the European Business Association, the index of investment attractiveness in Ukraine has worsened due to the lack of both real reform and fight against corruption.
●      National Bank has somewhat strengthened the official hryvnia rate: 15.56 UAH / $ (-18 cop.), 19.40 UAH / € (- 17 cop.), 3.36 UAH / RUB 10 (-6 cop.). NBU asks media not to specify the rate band limits but focus on the actual numbers from transactions.


●      Kyiv City Council approved the song “How not to love you, My Kyiv” the anthem of the capital.

War in Ukraine

●      The situation in the conflict zone in Donbas continues to heat up. Number of bombardments of Ukrainian units is increasing. During the last day four tropps were killed and more than twenty wounded. Attempts by the bands of militants to break across the border with Russia outside the conflict zone have renewed. Russian troops and  illegal terrorist armed groups carry out intensive aerial reconnaissance in the areas of possible strikes.
●      According to information announced by the SBU, there are about 7,500 Russian servicemen located in Ukraine. Throughout Ukraine, SBU eliminates daily plenty of subversive groups, which sharply increased their activities.
●      The Ministry of Defence can not confirm information about the beginning of the offensive by militants on Sunday. NSDC believes directions of possible strikes are Debaltseve, Donetsk Airport and Mariupol. According to the estimates of the “Information resistance” group, the formation of the Russian invasion force in Donbas is completed. Replenishment of units with manpower and equipment is continuing.
●      Ukraine transferred the OSCE 10 armored vehicles “Cougar” to support activities of the mission.
●      The UN estimates that the number of internally displaced persons in Ukraine is getting close to 1 million people.


●      The father of Georgian economic reforms Bendukidze died.
●      After the meeting of defense ministers of the Northern Europe countries, Defense Minister of Norway Sereyde said that NATO countries are working out different scenarios in Ukraine, including active confrontation.
●      In a report on the situation in Ukraine presented in Vienna, President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Kanerva criticized constraints on the mission, which do not allow it to fully control the border between Russia and Ukraine. Limitations do not allow to obtain information about what is happening along the whole border.
●      At a meeting with the speaker of PACE Brasseur, the chairman of the State Duma Naryshkin said that Russia will never recognize the presence of its troops on the territory of Ukraine.
●      The issue of extension of sanctions against Russia will be discussed at the EU summit in December. At a meeting of the foreign ministers on November 17, the plan to expand the list of persons from terrorist “republics” subject to sanctions is going to be discussed.
●      British Prime Minister Cameron warned Russia about strengthening of sanctions in case of destabilization in the Donbass. US President Obama and Canadian Foreign Minister once again called on Russia to withdraw its troops from the territory of Ukraine.
●      Oil prices on world markets continue to fall.
●      Rosstat states the fall of the Russian economy due to the sanctions by the West and the collapse of oil prices.
●      President Obama extended the sanctions against Iran.


●      According to most experts, a default is awaiting Ukraine if the government does not start to conduct fundamental reforms in the economy in the near future.


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