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Daily Highlights: 09/11/2014

Ukrainian Parliament could start working in the nearest future, not waiting for elections results finalization within problematic districts. International Community is ready to strengthen sanctions against Russia.


●      As of 9th of November, Central Elections Commission (CEC) announced 168 candidates, elected within the majority districts, as parliamentary deputies. CEC declared that the Parliament could start working without finalization of results within certain problematic districts, where activities of election commissions are investigated by law enforcement agencies.
●      Scandal about possible corruption of the CEC Head Ohendovsky is unfolding in the media.
●      NBU Head Gontareva proclaimed in an interview that going back to the fixed exchange rate is inconceivable and that she plans to propose to the Parliament a legislative initiative to prohibit early withdrawal of bank deposits.
●      Newly elected Parliament deputy Sobolev and his two comrades submitted resignations to the ‘’Volya‘’ Party during its convention. They are accusing the party sponsor Derevyanko of the split in the party.
●      Parliament Speaker Turtchunov said he has never signed the law on amnesty of participants of illegal armed units of Donbass, which the Parliament voted during the closed meeting under pressure from the President on the 16th of November.
●      SSU Head Nalyvaychenko demands to prohibit activity of Ukrainian  Communist Party due to active assistance of its members to the Russian occupation.

War in Ukraine

●      Situation in the combat actions area remains tense, especially near Debaltseve, Donetsk airport, Avdyivka and in south-east of Mariupol, where terrorists attempted to attack Ukrainian army after massive artillery and multiple rocket launchers shelling. As officially reported, 2 Ukrainian policemen were killed and 3 wounded. Shelling by the militants of various districts of Donetsk are ongoing non-stop. NSDC states that Russia prepares terrorist acts and massive provocations to justify aggression escalation in Donbass.


●      U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said that the World order established after the fall of the Berlin Wall is being threatened, as well as stressed that US and EU are ready to protect sovereignty and independence of Ukraine. German Chancellor Angela Merkel used an example of Berlin Wall demolition for Ukraine as a symbol of protection of democratic freedoms and overcoming of violence and disagreements within society.
●      Eupian Parliament President Schulz said that the change of state borders in Europe is unacceptable, but the conflict in the Donbass should be resolved only by political means.
●      During bilateral meeting with President Putin, Head of the Japanese Government demanded Russia to play constructive role in conflict resolution in eastern Ukraine.  EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini expressed her deep concern about advance of Russian military columns to Ukrainian territory, which was evidenced by OSCE observers. Lithuanian Foreign Affairs Minisrtry Head Linkjavichus believes that the EU should tighten the levers of influence on Russia, which increased its military presence in Ukraine.
●     Massive military exercises of NATO forces Trident Juncture started in Estonia aimed at working out a defense against aggression. As reported by German press, over last several months Russian and NATO military units had about fourty extraordinary situations, which could potentially lead to a military cinflict.
●      Senator McCain urged the US and the EU to strengthen sanctions against Russia, which destroyed the cease-fire in Donbass, as well as to supply lethal arms to Ukraine for defence against aggression.
●      Russia signed a memorandum with China about natural gas supplies from gas fields in western Siberia starting in 2019, but pipeline construction should be financed by Russia. Agreements on joint implementation of some energy programs, as well as opening of credit line for Russian Sberbank were signed as well.


●      Corruption scandal around the CEC Head Ohendovsky sheds some doubts on parts of the results of Parliamentary elections.
●      As per opinion of some US senators, sanctions are not the only means of pressure on Russia. Senators are sure that Ukraine needs to receive contemporary lethal weapons in order to protect itself from aggression.


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