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Daily Highlights: 07/11/2014

Parliamentary elections are close to an end. Ukrainian hryvnya continues to collapse. Russian troops on Ukrainian territory are fully ready to continue aggression. Europe will keep fighting Russia with sanctions.


Central Elections Commission completed processing of electronic protocols for the elections conducted by partly elections lists. “Popular Front” wins, followed by “Poroshenko Block”, “Sapomopich”, the “Oppositional Block”, the Radical Party of Lyashko and “Batkivshyna”.

New National Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine, managed by the State Committee of Television and Radio Broadcasting, will be created by the Government decree on the basis of dismissed State Broadcasting Companies.

Government decided to withdraw all State institutions from, and terminate pension payments on occupied Donbass territories.

Foreign Minister Klimkin announced that Ukraine is preparing to file legal actions with international courts for violation of human rights, losses from Russian annexation and rights of Ukrainians in occupied Crimea.

Office of Prosecutor General accused Ministry of Energy and Fuel of buying South African coal for prices much higher that he market prices.

Official exchange rate of Ukrainian hryvnya collapsed to historical low as foreign currencies being bought by banks: 14.47 UAH/USD (52cop), 18.11 UAH/USD (+69cop), 3.20 UAH/10 RUB (=6 cop). Trades were at 15 UAH/USD on the interbank market. National Bank will provide banks with additional re-financing equal to 1.1 bln. UAH additionally to previously provided 2.8 bln UAH. Extraordinary meeting of NBU with 50 major banks is planned for next Monday.

Ukraine spent almost a quarter of the currency reserves in October in order to support Naftogas.


A presentation of the book about Maidan “#EUROMAIDAN – History in Making”, describing the “Dignity Revolution”, took place in Kyiv.

Ministry of Culture heavily criticized the General Development Plan of Kyiv, which in their opinion is aimed to destroy the central parts of the city in favor of developers.

War in Ukraine

Terrorists shelled Donetsk International Airport, Pesky and Avdiivka from Donetsk and Makyivka, all day long. Casualties among civilians resulted from hits of residential areas. Number of attacks on Ukrainian army positions grows day by day. Russia transfers arms, mercenaries and ammunition via the border controlled by DPR and LPR militants. Railroad delivery of ammunition from Russia to Luhans’k region have been evidenced. In Gorlivka, Russian troops neutralized the Bezler military group, which controlled the city. Russian troops in full readiness are concentrated in the areas of invasion. Field hospitals are getting set up close to the front lines. Militants are conducting forced mobilization of civilians in Luhans’k region. Subversive and spy groups are very active in the combat areas.

Terrorists captured Ukrainian military negotiators group near Debaltseve.


Ukrainian Ambassador provided information about military units of Russian army that invaded Ukraine to Federica Mogherini, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy.

EU President Herman Van Romouy declared that EU position about the crisis in Ukraine hasn’t changed and that sanctions will not be terminated.

Ukrainian President and German Chancellor acknowledged increased escalation of conflict in Donbass.

President Obama, during his speech commemorating the 25 anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, said that Russia is destroying the international system of values and have recently became the challenge for the international democracy, peace and unity and therefore, will pay a high price for aggression towards Ukraine

Exchange rate of Russian ruble collapsed to historical minimum, Russian residents are buying foreign currencies en mass.


Panic is growing in Ukrainian society due to the sharp decrease of the national currency exchange rate.

Army preparation for the winter season has been disrupted by officials from Defense Ministry.


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