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Daily Highlights: 01/11/2014

President Poroshenko congratulated Ukrainians with coming into effect of the Association Agreement with the EU. Central Elections Committee still struggles to finalize the elections vote counts. Russia continues to deploy troops and equipment on Ukrainian territory. Terrorist “republics” DPR and LPR are ready to conduct Crimea-like “elections”.


●      Association agreement with the European Union came into force. As per Russian demand, free trade zone between Ukraine and the EU will not be introduced until the end of 2015.
●      Central Elections Committee is missing results of voting from one district in Donetsk region in order to conclude the results of the early parliamentary elections. Votes will be re-counted in Dniprodzerzhynsk due to the data deviation in protocols. 32 district election committees made clarifications to the protocols.
●      Defense Minister Poltorak decided to include representatives of volunteer organizations to the management of the army supplies.


●      The winner of the capital’s subway wifi competition has been defined. On top of teh standard service, the network is supposed to provide premium services, including television.

War in Ukraine

●      Russia is getting ready for sending another, fifth “humanitarian convoy”, without Ukrainian customs clearance and without supervision of international charity organizations. As convoys arrive, shelling of Ukrainian army positions usually intensifies. Ukrainian Foreign Affairs Ministry stressed, that the content of ”convoys” doesn’t belong to humanitarian aid.
●      Unloading of military equipment echelons, which afterwards is being transferred to Ukraine, has been evidenced on Russian railway stations close to Ukrainian border. Shelling of Ukrainian positions intensified. 6 military were killed. Movements of substantial army columns with Russian insignia masked were evidenced on the territories, controlled by militants.
●      Terrorist “republics” DPR and LPR are getting ready for the «elections», that are treated as violations of the Minsk agreements and will not be recognized by the international community. “Voting” in the “elections” could be done without passport, several times, on several voting stations, as well as via internet without authentication. Pensioners are forced to vote, being threatened with the fact that «social cards», key document for future pensions payments, are not going to be not be provided. Members of pro-Russian European organizations, which formerly participated in the Crimean “referendum”, have been invited to monitor “the elections”. OSCE dismissed information about the mission participation in “the elections” as an observer. SSU warns Donbass residents of a risk of potential militants provocations in voting stations areas, where many civilians could suffer.
●      25  Ukrainian military were exchanged for 25 DPR militants.


●      Russian Prime Minister Medvedev, following the decisions taken during trilateral gas negotiations, signed a decree removing the gas exsport fee for Ukraine.
●      Intensity of Russian provocations within the international airspace have increased. NATO fighter jets are being engaged every day.


●      US Ambassador to Ukraine is wondering why Ukrainian sanctions against Russia haven’t been introduced.
●      Experts believe that efforts of Ukrainian authorities are insufficient to prevent pseudo-elections in LPR and DPR.


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