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Daily Highlights: 30/10/2014

Temporary natural gas supply agreement signed between Russia, Ukraine and the EU. Newly composed parliament plans to form a constitutional majority from the winning parties. State debt of Ukraine is growing and could reach 102% of GDP by the end of the year. The US are ready to supply high-tech defense weaponry systems to Ukraine.


●      Winning parties of the early parliamentary elections are in coalition talks while official announcement of the results by the Central Elections Commission (CEC) are awaited. Leading troika plans to have first coalition work group for the 31st of October. «Radical Party» of Lyashko and «Batkivshyna» of Tymoshenko could also participate in the formation of the coalition.

●      Head of the CEC admits a possibility of re-calculation of votes in some areas of two districts with contradictory data.
●      Internal Affairs Minister Avakov announced that criminal proceeding will be launched against Russian actor Porechenkov, who’ve fired on Ukrainian military in Donetsk airport. Former finance minister Kolobov, member of the Azarov Government, announced as wanted. The Prosecutors Office investigates the case of separatism against the former mayor of Lutugino. LPR Leader Plotnitskiy accused of kidnapping of Ukrainian pilot Savchenko, who have been afterwards illegally transferred across the Russian border.
●      National Bank cancelled temporary limitation on foreign currency payments for some transactions related to long term supply contracts but lowered the documentary confirmation threshold for deals between 50-100 kEUR. Official exchange rate of Ukrainian hryvnya versus major currencies remained unchanged: 12.95 UAH/USD, 16.51 UAH/EUR (-1cop), 3.06 UAH/10 RUB.
●      Ukrainian national debt grew up by 7% in September and reached 74 bln.USD. IMF forecasts growth of the national debt to 102% of GDP by the end of the year.


●      One of the largest districts of the Kyiv city, Pozdnyaki, will be heated with energy received from the incineration of rubbish, which will deliver savings of 15 mln. of cubic meters of gas.

War in Ukraine

●      Shelling and attacks on Ukrainian army positions are growing. 7 Ukrainian military were killed during the day. Militants and Russian army continue to regroup and concentrate troops on the key offensive routes towards Ukrainian territory. Total recall of military peronnel from vacations started in Russia. Additional military equipment and anti-aircraft systems being transferred to Ukrainian border. «Humanitarian convoy», which can bring the reinforcement with troops and ammunitions to Ukraine, reached Ukrainian border and is ready to cross it through a check-point not controlled by Ukrainian border guards.
●      DPR and LPR terrorists republics are not willing to abandon the «elections» planned for the 2nd of November.


●      A protocol, defining the process of Ukrainian debt restructuring, details of gas supplies up until March of 2015, as well as the amendment to the contract between Naftogaz and Gasprom on technical details of supply, have been signed during the trilateral gas negotiations between Russia, Ukraine and the EU. The protocol is a temporary solution until the Ukrainian appeal to the Stockholm Arbitrage against Russia is processed. German Chancellor and French President welcomed the agreement and promised that the EU and its partners will guarantee its implementation.
●      US Ambassador to Ukraine informed that strategic support program has been developed by the US with readiness to supply military defensive technologies to Ukraine.
●      NATO Secretary General Rasmussen and the new Chairman of the European Commission Junker daid that «elections» in terrorist «republics» DPR and LPR will breach the settlement process of Ukrainian crisis, defined by the Minsk protocol.
●      A EU representative declared that if DPR and LPR «elections» are recognized and the aggression in Ukraine continues, the EU sanctions against Russia could be further tightened.


●      Russian military almost fully control the conduction of the planned offensive operation in Donbass. Without the land corridor to Crimea, its supplies during the closure of the Kerch channel ferry becomes problematic, therefore the probability of Russian aggression in eastern Ukraine is quite high.


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