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Daily Highlights: 26/10/2014

Ukraine held early parliamentary elections. According to preliminary estimates, democratic forces obtained a decisive victory.


●      Despite the шар, early parliamentary elections officially took place as more than 50% of voters came to the polls. The leading political parties are: “Narodniy Front”, “Petro Poroshenko Block”, “Samopimich”, “Radical Party of Lyashko” and “The Opposition Block”. Party “Batkyvshina” is barely passing the elections barrier. “Hromadska Pozytsiya”, “The Right Sector”, “Powerful Ukraine” of Tygipko and Communist Party didn’t pass the threshold. However, many former members of the party of regions and well known corrupt officials passed through majority voting districts.
Around 25 thousands of combat actions participants could not vote. Around 25 thousands of combat actions participants could not vote.
“Samopomich” and “Popular Front” won the elections among the voters from abroad.
Main party leaders announced that the coalition consultations will start on Monday.
Number of violations have been marginal and will not affect the results of the elections. Internal Affairs Ministry promised to investigate all violations of the elections legislation.
SSU informed that numerous terrorist attacks have been prevented throughout Ukraine.

War in Ukraine

●      Combat activity has been low in Donbass during the day. Re-grouping of the terrorist forces has been noticed in the south near Novoazovsk. So-called DPR and LPR continue to receive reinforcement with troops and equipment from Russia.
Terrorists continue to evacuate residents and equip firing positions in the vicinity of Donetsk airport.
●      Donbass population on the territories controlled by militants could not vote. Work of the elections commission have been stopped in Volnovakha due to shelling. The elections have been cancelled in Schastye as the elections committee didn’t come to work after being threatened by militants.


●      The US have recognized Ukrainian elections and are ready to collaborate with the new Ukrainian Parliament.


●      Weak results of the “Petro Poroshenko Block”, as well as growth of followers of alternative political parties of democratic orientation, indicate serious loss of confidence in the president’s actions.


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