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Daily Highlights: 17/10/2014

Negotiations in Milano between Presidents of Ukraine, Russia and EU leaders haven’t been marked by decisions, but at the end, as declared by the leaders, are quite optimistic. Situation in Donetsk remains very tense.


●      Central Elections Commission asked the Parliament to define the areas with the «special status» for the purpose of local elections conduction, according to the legislation signed earlier by the President Poroshenko. Should be immediately resolved the question of the voting of participants in the fighting and the appointment of new elections in districts where there is no opportunity to vote.
●      Prime Minister Yatsenyuk informed that Ukraine is successfully substituting exports to Russia with supplies to European and World markets.
●      Kharkiv mayor Kernes proclaimed the start of lustration process in the city administration and appointed the daughter of the odious Party of Regions member Chechetov as the person responsible for it.
●      SSU declared being ready to open its archives with names of KGB agents.
●      Official exchange rate practically hasn’t changed: 12.95 UAH/USD, 16.51 UAH/EUR (+11 cop), 3.18 UAH/10 RUR (+2 cop).


●      Mayor Klitchko ordered the city administration to prepare the list of officials to be fired according to the «Authorities Purification Act».

War In Ukraine

●      Militants continue to attack and shell Ukrainian army positions in Pesky, Schastye, Smile, Redkodub, Avdiivka. Situation in Bachmutovka has stabilized. Donetsk is still being heavily shelled. Ukrainian troops repelled massive assault on Donetsk International Airport.
●      More than 3,700 persons have been killed during the conflict in Donbass according to the latest UN data.
●      «Leadership» of DPR and LPR declared non-recognition of Ukrainian laws and readiness for their own «elections» on the 2nd of November.
●      Press-conference of former Ukrainian President Yanukovych has been announced for the 20th of November in Rostov (RU).
●      Oligarch Firtash re-filed the paperwork to re-assign his «Crimean Titan» enterprise to his company registered in Moscow.


Negotiations during the ASEM summit in Milano

●      Negotiations between Presidents of Russia and Ukraine with participation of European leaders took place in Milano during the «Asia-Europe» (ASEM) summit. President Poroshenko announced three main topics for negotiations with Putin – adherence to the Minsk memorandum, new natural gas agreement and Donbass elections. He declared that the agreement has been reached to de-escalate the situation and declare cease-fire under control of the OSCE.
As mentioned by the Presidential Administration, consultations of Ukrainian and Russian border guards should start soon in order to ensure a real closure of the border.
●      Russian President Putin blamed both representatives of «Novorossiya» and Ukrainian authorities for the failure of the cease-fire in Donbass.
●      Russian media quoted President Putin saying that during the talks in Milano an agreement was reached on the resumption natural of gas supplies to Ukraine, and price parameters of the deal, however, the delivery will be made on a prepaid basis. At the same time, President Poroshenko declared that no practical results have been achieved during the negotiations, but progress do exist as do exist the hope that solution will be found during the meeting planned for the 21st of October.

Situation within and around Russia

●      President Lukashenko accused Russia of imperial ambitions in response to the introduction of a “tax maneuver” in the oil market, which turns part of the budget of his country in favor of the Russian Federation. He also put responsibility for the evens in Ukraine on ex-president Yanukovych. Lukachenko is sure that terrorists «republics» DPR and LPR won’t survive even a few days without Russian support.
●      Moody’s agency have downgraded the mid-term credit rating of Russia from Baa1 to Baa2 with negative forecast. This step was caused by murky perspectives of economic growth, sanctions due to crisis in Ukraine, outflow of the capital, reduction of the foreign currency reserves and decline of prices for energy.
●      Russia is getting ready to introduce a national payment cards system.
●      The first Mistral helicopter carrier, produced by France for Russia, went out to the sea for exercises.

International community reaction on Ukrainian events

●      Head of the US mission to OSCE Bayer urged Russian authorities to provide immediate access for international humanitarian organizations to Ukrainian pilot Savchenko and to release her, as well as the film director Sentsov.
●      British Prime Minister Cameron said that the sanctions against Russia will be strengthened if it does not withdraw its troops from Ukraine.


●      Lack of the US response to the talks in Milano shows that significant results have not been achieved.


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