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Daily Highlights: 13/10/2014

Some conscripted National Guard soldiers went to rally in Kyiv demanding discharge. Cabinet of Ministers is preparing reform of courts and prosecution systems. Combat actions in Donbass are ongoing despite the cease-fire.


●      More than 300 National Guards soldiers protested near the Presidential Administration in Kyiv demanding the overdue discharge from service, payment of salaries and normal treatment by commanders. The authorities assessed the incident as a provocation and violation of the statute.
●      President Poroshenko has proposed National Guard commander Poltorak as a candidate for the Defense Minister Position for approval by the Parliament.
●      The Cabinet of Ministers proposed to eliminate commercial courts, combine the High Council of Justice and the Qualification Commission of Judges and return powers to the Supreme Court within the judicial reform project, as well as to strip the prosecution of general oversight functions.
●      National Bank continues the policy of the exchange rate support via sales of cash foreign currency reserves to banks. Official exchange rate has been established at 12.95 UAH/USD, 16.36 UAH/EUR (-16 cop) and 3.22 UAH/10 RUR (-2 cop).
●      Donetsk Governor Kihtenko decided to move the regional administration to Kramatorsk. However, headquaters of power agencies will remain in Mariupol.
●      Sociologists from the «Rating» group are forecasting that Porosenko block will get up to one third of the elections votes, Radical Party of Lyashko and «Narodny Front» are on second and third places respectively. In their opinion, the President has support of 48% of Ukrainians.
●      At least 10% of the candidates on the elections lists of political parties are engaged in corruption, as per Transparency International data.
●      111 senior officers will be dismissed from the Border Control Services according to the Authorities Purification Law.
●      The rights for natural gas extraction in 5 fields and several special permissions for minerals extraction have been auctioned by Ukrainian authorities.


●      Kyiv city train, considered by authorities as an alternative to the development of the new metro stations, have been launched at full scale with the scheduled interval of 15 minutes between trains.

War in Ukraine

●      Battles for Donetsk International Airport have resumed again. Ukrainian army positions are being attacked and shelled within 5 areas of the Donbass conflict zone.
●      Russian special counter-subversive forces have been evidenced in Donetsk. Firefights between local DPR loyalists and Russian military are ongoing in the city.
●      Investigation of the Ukrainian Army defeat near Ilovaysk by the Office of Prosecutor General and Special Investigative Committee of the Parliament is ongoing. Former Defense Minister, Chief of Staff and battalion commanders have been already questioned. Investigation will assess activities of the army and antiterrorist operation leadership, that led to huge military casualties.
●      Coal mine «Komsomolets Donbasa», of the DTEK concern belonging to Akhmetov, which has been recently restored and has restarted coal production, was subjected to powerful bombardment. It had to be closed again. Militants continue to shell Donetsk. An ambulance has shot at at a checkpoint.
●      Activities of subversive-terrorist groups have recently increased in the combat zone. SSU and National Guard units are capturing tens of participants of illegal militant groups.
●      Russia has increased the number of the strike force troops in Crimea to 40,000 men and 1.5 thousands of armored vehicles. Army units on the eastern border in Rostov region are undergoing rotation.


●      Ukrainian Pilot Savchenko, captured by militants on Ukrainian territory and illegally transferred to Russia, is undergoing psychiatric evaluation in Moscow. The hearing of her case, held behind closed dorrs under the order of Russian authorities, was postponed to indefinetly.
●      Russia completely banned import of all Ukrainian cheese products. Previously, the majority of food product imports have been limited as well.
●      Russia and Germany have postponed a meeting of a regular forum “Petersburg Dialogue”, held since 2001, due to rising tensions between the countries caused by Russian invasion of Ukraine.
●      According to the Russian Auditor Chamber, the country will not be able to fully replace its imports by domestically produced goods.


●      Moscow is trying to undermine the situation in Ukraine by means of rallies of military and pro-Russian forces. Their activities have recently intensified in Kharkiv and Odessa. At the same time, the number of Russian troops on Ukrainian border and in Crimea hasn’t decreased. Ukrainian authorities expect anti-Government protests on 14th and 15th of October.

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