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Daily Highlights: 05/10/2014

Ceasefire in Donbass combat area exists only on paper. Courts are operating at night again. Experts foresee failure of lustration process due to weak legislation.


●      Volunteers of «Aydar» battalion, detained under accusation of kidnapping, were released by the court after interference by civil activists. One of the volunteers, who have convoyed a former LPR “minister” to Kyiv, have been wounded during arrest.
●      Pensions for residents of areas controlled by DPR and LPR militants, which they could not obatin, remain on accounts of the Pension fund.
●      Committee of Voters of Ukraine predicts that the early elections will renew the Parliament only by one third.
●      As per experts opinion, the final text of the «Authorities cleansing» legislation, which was adopted in a rush without discussion of the mechanism of implementation, will not permit to lustrate up to 80% of those involved in corruption.


●      New cars will be introduced in Kyiv metro starting Monday.

War in Ukraine

●      Two civilians were killed as a result of ongoing artillery shelling of Donetsk. Militants are attacking Donetsk International Airport non-stop. Ukrainian army successfully expels all attacks. Competing groups of militants in the city are shooting at each other, sometimes with the use of artillery. Firefights between Russian army and militants are happening in Luhans’k region. Ukrainian positions in Donetsk region were shelled with multiple rocket launcher “Grad” during the night. Three civilians have been wounded when terrorist subversive group, being pursued by Ukrainian military, fired at a mini bus. Nine civilians suffered during the shelling of Schastye city in Luhansk region.
●      “Silence” regimen, established at 12:00 by the negotiation group, which consists of Russian and Ukrainian military and OSCE observers, was breached by militants in 20 minutes. Тhey started shelling Donetsk International Airport and after a while, resumed fire across the front line in Donetsk and Luhans’k regions, especially near Mariupol.


●      Pro-Russian “Soglasiye” party received majority votes in Latvian elections. However, the ruling coalition has strengthened its positions in the parliament.
●      The first official visit of the new NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg is going to be to Poland.


●      NSDC called militants, which are shelling Ukrainian army positions with multiple rocket launchers “Grad” and heavy artillery, and attacking with tanks, as “non-controlled military units”, simultaneously playing in unison with Russian propaganda.

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