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Summary – September 24, 2014

1. The Russian-terrorist army is playing the part of Turgenev’s ladies [skittish and mysterious]. After a certain decline in the number of attacks on Ukrainian troops and civilian objectives throughout the day yesterday, the mercenaries took up the ‘ceasefire’ with renewed energy, they did their dirty business at night, and today the intensity of their attack decreased again. 

During the day the situation remained tense near the localities of Donetsk, Peski, Kamenka, where the positions and roadblocks of the Ukrainian troops were under fire.

It seems that the current decline in the intensity of the insurgents’ actions means nothing. Tomorrow, or even tonight, they will return to their idiocy with renewed strength. There can be no talk of a ‘ceasefire.’

2. As soon as we’d reported on the orders of the Russian General Headquarters, to insurgents in the Donbas, to falsify the “evidence of the crimes” committed by Ukrainian servicemen, then the Russian media were flooded with this ‘proof.’ 

That includes pregnant girls in mass graves, mass shootings of civilians; the only thing that’s missing is the Russian propaganda’s trademark in the shape of crucified children, and for a more general image, crucified pregnant children, just to make sure. According to the terrorists and the Russian media, those ‘guilty’ of these heinous crimes are Right Sector and the National Guard – we can’t do without them.

We see how smartly the local mercenaries and Russian journalists earn their dues from the Kremlin’s orders. The mechanism of lie production is like clockwork. What is interesting is that local terrorists kill two birds with one stone using these provocations: they discredit the Ukrainian army, and also blame them for their own vile crimes.

3. Today the OSCE denied a message reported by the press center of our operative command ‘North’ and the NSDC [National Security and Defense Council] of Ukraine regarding the fact that an OSCE mission vehicle had been attacked in Luhansk oblast.

We would not have even touched on this subject, if not that for the fact that the day before yesterday the information regarding this incident passed through the channels of the IR group: having made sure that the same information passed by our law enforcement, we did not report on the bombardment, giving the right to do so to the authorities. And here we go: the OSCE denies it.

I consider it quite possible that North, the NSDC and we ourselves might have been wrong. It may be so. But the problem is that it is definitely not the first time the OSCE representatives have behaved strangely and made strange statements in the context of developments in Donbas. Maybe this strangeness can be explained by the fact that within the OSCE, the ‘Ukrainian department’ is overseen by Russian citizens as well?

For example, the ‘effective monitoring’ of the Ukraine-Russia border is provided by OSCE representatives, who are supervised by the OSCE Department for Interborder Threats. This department is headed by Alexey Lyzhnikov, who comes from the Russian MFA, and who is a protegée of the aging propagandist, Lavrov. Forgive me, but how should one understand this?

It seems, that on the part of Europe it would have been much more correct if such positions were currently occupied by representatives of a third, disinterested party. Otherwise, too many awkward, uncomfortable questions arise.

By Arend van Dam

The good news: 

1. According to our data, the main measures to ensure the defense of Mariupol, which Putin’s soldiers are definitely not going to let go of any time soon, are being finalized. The means to ensure the defense of Kherson Oblast [region], at the administrative border with Crimea, have also been employed. Although these are not the most favorable conditions here for the invaders to attack Ukraine’s mainland, you never know. Creating a line of defense, veiled defense – is the best way to a ‘truce’ with the Russians and the insurgents. 

Mariupol checkpoint at the administrative border of Crimea.
Photo: dpsu.gov.ua

It makes me glad that our military leadership have not confused talk about the virtual ‘peace,’ the ‘retreat of the army’ and the ‘ceasefire regime.’ It seems this is the first time we are looking at a preemptive strike against the enemy’s actions, and not situational turmoil after the fried chicken has been stretched well, thoroughly zeroed in on, and privates pecked at.

2. President Petro Poroshenko signed into law the exemption of charitable assistance to the ATO from income taxes. At the same time, it established a register of ATO volunteers.

We’re unable to suppress a startled cry: it cannot be! The so-called antiterrorist operation has been going on for some six months, the volunteers are solving an incomprehensible number of tasks to provide for the army instead of the state structures, and suddenly and so operatively the government decided to make a step towards the volunteers. I am so touched, I am in tears.

Sarcasm notwithstanding, the decision is very necessary and long overdue. For some reason our state, which is unwilling or unable to establish a normal system of logistical support for the troops, in addition, creates all sorts of obstacles for the patriots who are solving the problem. It looks mad and savage. The solution to this situation, however slow, cannot help but bring joy.

By the way, what also made me happy was the President’s order to send military commissioners to the anti-terrorist operation zone in the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts. And to replace them as military commissioners with ATO participants who were injured.

If only they’d create a corps from the ‘main heroes’ of this war, the ones in their offices, we would have been drinking tea on the ruins of the Kremlin a long time ago.

3. The solution of the Ukrainian situation will become the main priority for the new NATO General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg, who will assume office on October 1st. The almost-NATO General Secretary stated this himself.

What gives hope is the adequacy with which Mr. Stoltenberg explained his approach. It is the understanding of the unacceptability of changing state borders using military force, and the comprehension of the threat which Russian aggression poses to the entire civilized world. God help him.


Dmitry Tymchuk, Coordinator, Information Resistance

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine


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