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Updates from the “ceasefire zone,” 9/25

The situation in the conflict zone in the Donbas does not suggest that Russian-terrorist troops are configured to implement the peace agreements.

Heavy machinery and artillery, of a caliber greater than 100 mm, previously assigned by insurgents and Russian soldiers for certain parts of the line of contact with the Ukrainian troops in the Donetsk region, was simply transferred to other areas – primarily in the district of Donetsk and Avdiivka.

In connection with the preparation of the next illegal entry of Russia into Ukraine via another “humanitarian convoy,” the intensity of shelling onto the positions of Ukrainian troops is expected to increase. Earlier the gradation of shelling attacks was as follows:

• Convoy 12.09: on the day of entry into Ukraine – 35 attacks; during the day (shipping ammunition, arrived with an escort, to the positions of militants) – 63 attacks.

• Convoy 20.09: on the day of entry into Ukraine – 29 attacks; during the day – 70 attacks.

There is a marked delay by terrorists in the negotiation process for transferring prisoners. This is particularly evident during negotiations on the transfer of Ukrainian soldiers at an officer’s rank captured by insurgents.

Terrorists declared the creation of a “unified armed forces of novo-rossiya” which in practice is not observed. As a result of “friendly fire” from insurgents in the Donetsk region, the destruction of the Russian interference station P-330ZH ‘Zhytel,’ together with a crew of Russian soldiers was observed, and another Russian EW station was also damaged by gunfire.

Also in the Luhansk Oblast [region], skirmishes were noted between groups of local militants using a 120-mm mortar. According to some reports, the skirmishes between the terrorists killed several terrorist ‘warlords’ and a significant number of ‘ordinary’ terrorists.

The leadership of the LNR [Luhansk People’s Republic] is distributing an order amongst the local militants banning looting under threat of execution. However, this does not deter the growth of banditry by insurgents who have focused on the robbery of surviving stores in Luhansk and other settlements of the region.

In the Donetsk Oblast, DNR insurgents began to receive used winter clothing from Russia.

The delivery of munitions, including rockets to the MLRS firing positions of terrorists in the areas of Donetsk (“Spartacus” battalion) and Avdiivka continues.

For the past day, 22 shellings of Ukrainian troop positions were recorded.

– the airport in Donetsk was shelled twice;
– 4 attempts were made to conquer the resistance base in the area of Nykyshyno;
– the positions near Debaltseve were shelled 3 times;
– the positions near Maloorlivka were shelled 2 times.

Also fired on were positions in the regions of Peski, Popasna, Ridkodub, etc.


Dmitry Tymchuk, Coordinator, Information Resistance

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine


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