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Daily Highlights: 28/09/2014


Against the background of apparent inactivity of Ukrainian authorities militants are continuously storming Donetsk international airport, attacking positions of the Ukrainian army, shelling residential areas of cities and destroying infrastructure in the occupied territories. In Kharkov, Ukrainian activists tore down a statue of Lenin.


●      About 8,000 people came out to a rally in support of undivided Ukraine in Kharkov. The meeting ended with the demolition of the monument to Lenin in the central square of the city.
●      Leadership of the Party of Regions is preparing an appeal to the Constitutional Court demanding the repeal of the law “On the cleansing of power” (lustration) and hopes to bring to the process deputies from the Communist Party.
●      President Poroshenko in an interview to TV channel “1 +1” said Ukraine will not leave Mariupol, the law on local special mode of self-government is not about federalization, there will be no frozen conflict zone in the Donbass like in Transnistria or Abkhazia.


●      The newly appointed director of the International airport “Borispol” Dykhne said that, despite the financial difficulties and the cancellation of a large number of flights, mass stuff layoff is not planned. The airport will remain under the state ownership.

War In Ukraine

●      For the whole day, DNR gunmen are furiously storming Donetsk International Airport held by Ukrainian military. Heavy firefights do not stop in the city. Shells fall in residential areas. There was a fire at the plant “Tochmash” from which Donetsk airport was shelled.
Towns of Avdiyivka, under the control of the Ukrainian army, and Makyivka also were subject of massive bombardments.
In recent days the number shellings of Ukrainian positions and towns by militants has increased significantly. Governor of Luhansk region Moskal denied the pullout of militants from the confrontation line.
In Alchevsk terrorists have declared a curfew and a general army draft.
●      In Crimea, the Russian army pulls a large number of armored vehicles to the administrative border with Kherson region.
●      Along the border with Ukraine, Russian Air Force helicopters are carriying out reconnaissance flights.
●      According to the OSCE, exchanged of prisoners occurred in the vicinity of Donetsk. 30 Ukrainian military were freed.
●      According to the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, under the control of the militants are more than ⅔ of 93 mines of Donbass. Seven of them are blown up, and the rest transferred to the maintenance mode. Terrorists are robbing businesses and move coal to Russia.
●      On the border with Transnistria residents of Odessa region dig trenches and build fortifications with accelerated pace after checkpoint bombardment in the border zone.


●      Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov in an interview with Bloomberg Television, said that in the Donbass, many volunteers from the Russia are fighting on the side DNR and LNR, although “there are mercenaries from other countries in volunteer battalions funded by oligarchs.”


●      Analysts The New York Times evaluate the events taking place in Ukraine, as a capitulation to Russia, and believe the cause of defeats of the Ukrainian army and the lack of reform is the total corruption in the highest levels of power.

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