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Daily Highlights: 27/09/2014

Official visit of the US Secretary of Commerce to Kyiv is a positive sign for Ukrainian economy. Kolomoysky, as opposed to other oligarchs, doesn’t participate in the elections and advocates financial de-regulation in Ukraine. Attacking Ukrainian strongholds militants aren’t embarrassed by the cease-fire.


●      American investments in Ukrainian energy and agriculture, intellectual property protection, de-regulation and tax reform, have been discussed during the meeting of Prime Minister Yatsenyuk and US Secretary of Commerce Pritzker.
●      Number of registered candidates for the early parliamentary elections exceeded 5 000.
●      Key highlights of the Ukraine Development Program “Strategy 2020” have been posted on the official web site of President Poroshenko.
●      Dnipropertovsk governor oligarch Kolomoysky announced that he is not going to participate in the parliamentary elections but will continue to work at his current position. He is strongly advocating de-regulation of the country governance and liquidation of the state treasury.
●      Kharkiv governor Baluta submitted to Verkhivna Rada  a bill for early dissolution of Kharkiv regional council, which is sabotaging defense preparatory works.
●      Ukrainian activists disrupted rallies of communists and separatist loyals in Odessa and Kharkiv.


●      Agreement to provide support for the Kyiv Development Fund, established to engage investors in modernization of the city infrastructure, have been reached during a meeting of mayor Klitchko and US Secretary of Commerce Pritzker.

War in Ukraine

●      Cease-fire serves as a cover for DPR and LPR terrorists, who are shelling Ukrainian army strongholds and civilian communities. Evidence of militants using residential areas as a cover is mounting on the Internet. Donetsk, Avdiivka, Volnovakha, Mariupol, Schastye have been shelled. Ukrainian army expelled terrorist attacks on Donetsk International Airport, Debaltseve and Avdiivka. One Ukrainian military has been killed and eight wounded during the day. Seven war prisoners have been exchanged for the same amount of militants in the framework of Minsk protocol.
●      Security Service of Ukraine and Ministry of Internal Affairs continue to capture subversive groups both on the front lines and in central Ukraine.
●      Medzhlis claims two Crimean tatars have been illegally detained  by unknown Russian security personnel, and plans protests to defend human rights.


●      Gazprom chief Miller said in an interview that there is no clarity in the question of repayment of natural gas debt by Ukraine and that proposals by the EU Energy Commissioner haven’t been accepted by Ukrainian side, despite the fact that Ukraine needs  at least 7 bln. cubic meters of natural gas for the heating season.
●      Malaysian Transport Minister announces that the country government will apply to the UN  with a request to send peacekeeping forces to Ukraine in order to ensure unimpended access to the MH-17 flight crash site for experts.
●      A small rally “in memory of civilians killed in Donbass”, have been orchestrated by authorities and conducted in Moscow.


●      Kolomoysky’s support for financial flows de-centralization during the war could lead to a loss of control over the country, especially in the absence of effective control over budget spending.

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