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Daily Highlights: 22/09/2014

National Bank is trying to stabilize currency exchange market with administrative measures pushing it in the direction of the shadow market. Shelling of Ukrainian army positions and towns are ongoing despite the cease-fire agreement. However the overall intensity of fights have declined.


●      In line with the implementation of the economic part of the association agreement with the EU, Ukrainian Government plans to introduce biometric documents (passports) for Ukrainian citizens and persons without nationality by 2018, as well as to develop new version of the military doctrine.
●      Verkhovna Rada speaker Turchynov will sign the legislation on special status of Donbass territories in the version received by the parliament and without any additional ammendments.
●      President Poroshenko announced that only Donbas territories controlled by the Ukrainian state authorities will be financed.
●      Party of regions member Bondarenko, who’ve took part in Maidan repressions and have been engaged in support of Donbass terrorists, became a head of the supervisory board of the UMH media holding, which belongs to oligarch Kurchenko, a very close member of the “family circle” of the ex-president Yanukovych.
●      Steel production in Ukraine have shrunk by one third during last 8 months in Ukraine, kicking the country from the top ten list of key steel producers worldwide.
●      NBU continued to devaluate Ukrainian hryvnya vs major currencies: 13.48 UAH/USD (-6 cop), 17.33 UAH/EUR (-4 cop), 3.51 UAH/10 RUB (-1 cop). Requirement for currency sales by banks have been lowered to 75%.


●      Kyiv mayor proclaimed return to the practice of lend auctions, which could bring hundreds millions of hryvnyas to the city budget.

War in Ukraine

●      Shelling of Ukrainian army positions in Donbass by LPR and DPR terrorists are ongoing despite the second cease-fire memorandum. Ammunition, arms and military repair equipment continue to be supplied from Russia as well. Mariupol and Donetsk have been shelled with artillery and multiple rocket launchers “Grad”. Militants continue to attack Avdiivka and Donetsk International Airport. As per local evidence, militants haven’t stopped preparing for advances on Ukrainian territories.
●      Fights between terrorist groups within Donbas for control of local enterprises and business are an ongoing phenomenon. Civilians being continuously bribed with the Russian “aid”.
●      Security forces continue to disarm subversive and terrorist groups en mass, which sent to destabilize situation behind the front lines and in peaceful parts of the country.


●      Polish Minister of Defense said that Warsaw is ready to sell arms to Ukraine if it receives an official request.
●      VTB bank Ukraine announced 2014 losses of 50 bln. RUB (around 16 bln. UAH), but it doesn’t plan to leave Ukrainian market.
●      Head of Rosatom Kyrienko announced at IAEA meeting that Ukrainian nuclear power stations are supplied with nuclear fuel in full and on time.
●      Official representative of the European Commission stressed that anti-monopoly investigations of Gazprom activities in the EU member states are ongoing.
●      Participants of the World Economic Forum in Australia are not unified around Russian President participation in the summit.


●      Limit of cash currency sales of 3,000 UAH per day, established by the National Bank, combined with strict regulation of the banks exchange rate, pushes the market into the shadows. Real exchange rate in the shadow market reached 15 UAH/USD.
●      The US reports Russian troops being on high alert to continue aggression in Ukraine. Experts claim that as soon as Kerch straight ferry service is closed, Russia will have no choice but to establish a land corridor via the Azov sea shore for delivering supplies to Crimea.


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