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Daily Highlights: 20/09/2014

Peace memorandum signed in Minsk hasn’t led to the cease-fire from the militants side. Foreign media and officials are skeptical about the results of President Poroshenko visit to the USA. The elections with no lustration lustration in force provide an opportunity for persons who supported terrorism and separatism, as well as those involved in repressions of Maidan, to be elected to the Parliament.


●      “Pravy Sector” speaker Bereza has registered as a candidate for Verkhovna Rada elections in a Kyiv majority district. Son and farther of the president Poroshenko, three Baloga brothers, son of ex-speaker Lytvyn, former members of the Party of Regions and Communists are among the candidates, registered in majority districts.
●      National Bank head Gontareva said that Ukrainians have withdrawn around 100 bln. UAH from banks since the beginning of the year.
●      Patriotic parade dedicated to the city day took place in Mariupil.
●      Parliament member Moskal’ has been appointed as a head of Luhans’k state regional administration, the same role he played during 2005.


●      As announced by the deputy head of the city administration Nikonov, new authority to fight corruption – department of financial control and audit, reporting directly to mayor Klitchko, will be created in Kyiv.

War in Ukraine

●      Truce memorandum signed in Minsk haven’t yet lead to a cease-fire. Explosion of the ammunition warehouse in one of Donetsk factories led to the explosive wave and explosive cloud  of several hundred meters high. Hopefully, as city authorities claim no change in radiation status, the burial site of radioactive waste close to the explosive site hasn’t been damaged. Militants continue to shell Ukrainian army positions and residential areas with artillery and multiple rocket launchers. Donets’k has been shelled with heavy artillery. A shell reached Mariupil plant named after Il’ich. Attacks by terrorists supported with heavy armored vehicles and tanks have been evidenced in Debaltseve and in Donets’k international airport, in Stakhanovets village in Luhans’k region, in towns near Makiivka, Donets’k and Enakyevo. Ukranian troops left Enakyevo district. Towns of Zhdanovka, Rosovka, Uglegorsk and Yuzhnocommunarsk have been left.
●      Exchange of prisoners of war is ongoing – terrorists released around 30 Ukrainian military. As reported by journalist Butusov, around 800 persons are still in captivity. Out of those, 500 have been captured by Russian troops.
●      Part of the Russian “humanitarian convoy” trucks have unloaded in Donetsk. Content of the cargo is unknown to Ukrainian authorities and international humanitarian organizations.


●      American media is critical about the results of President Poroshenko’s visit to the US and claimed it as a failure – instead of highly needed in Ukraine hightech arms he has been supported with warm words and with promises of non-lethal military equipment. At the same time the USA will introduce extra economic sanctions against Russian enterprises and economy sectors.
●      Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) of NATO Allied Command Operations Philip M. Breedlove said that the alliance doesn’t notice a cease-fire in Donbass and that Russian troops aren’t being withdrawn from Ukraine.
●      Official text of the cease-fire memorandum signed in Minsk has been published on the official web site of the OSCE. OSCE President recognized it as a «significant step towards the cease-fire and important contribution to the eastern Ukraine crisis resolution».


Another consecutive cease-fire memorandum has been signed by Russia and OSCE representatives. The most questionable is participation and status of Ukrainian ex-president Kuchma, who should possess a mandate for such negotiations. As LPR and DPR aren’t the signing sides, with signatures of two individuals placed at the end of the document, these self-proclaimed «republics» don’t bear any responsibility for adherence to the memorandum.

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