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Daily Highlights: 17/09/2014

While visiting North America, President Poroshenko attempts to get both financial and military support to Ukraine. Understanding that conflict with Russia will be inevitably widened and EU member states will be involved, is being finally formed in Europe. Numerous cease-fire breaches by Donbass militants being evidenced by OSCE.


●      Temporary investigative commission of Verkhovna Rada have recently reported that budget financing and funds collected by the state on voluntary basis had been ineffectively used for army and security agencies needs.
●      Prime Minister Yatsenyuk informed, that the legislation on special status of Donbass doesn’t mean legalization of DPR and LPR, as well as urged security agencies authorities to be fully prepared for the Donbass conflict escalation.
●      National Bank devaluated Ukraian hryvnya vs the US dollar: 13.08 UAH/USD (-10 cop), 16.94 UAH/EUR (-16 cop), 3.38 UAH/10 RUB (+4 cop), quotations reached 14.1-14.4 UAH/USD during the trading session but finally went down to 13.9-14.25 UAH/USD by the end of the trading session.

War in Ukraine

●      Cease-fire in Donbass in ongoing with Russian special forces attacking Donets’k international airport. Shelling of Schastye town, where the major thermal power station of Luhans’k region is located, led to destruction of power transformers and power cut off for several districts. Shelling of residential areas of Donets’k and other cities are ongoing. Civilians are being killed and wounded every single day.
●      Russian security services prolonged searches in the building of the Crimean Tatars Medzhlis and in houses of Crimean Tatars.
●      OSCE monitoring mission evidence increase of the people inflow to Ukraine through the check-points on the Ukrainian-Russian border, as well as numerous Donbass cease-fire breaches by terrorists.


●      Arrest of one of the leading Russian businessman Evtushenkov, the owner of such companies as “AFK Systema” and “Bashneft”, accused in fraud, led to the sharp decline of Russian stock indexes. Russian ruble have strengthened a bit due to the Centrobank interventions with sales of dollars, but market players are skeptical about the volume of the intervention as well as its effectiveness been in the short term.
●      President Poroshenko made the splash at Canadian Parliament. 200 millions of Canadian dollars of credit and start of free trade agreement preparations have been agreed during negotiations with Canadian Government.
●      The bill on arms supply to Ukraine have been submitted to the US Senate and will be voted just after the speech of President Poroshenko.
●      Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry being satisfied with Ukraine adopting the legislation on special status of Donbass and stressed that any attempts to cancel or amend it will lead to the escalation of confrontation.
●      EBRD have recently worsened the forecast of Ukrainian economy decline from -7% to -9% due to the active combat operations.


●      Active public opinion shaping via publicizing of sociological reports  being widely used during the elections campaign for the early parliamentary elections, both by the presidential party, as well as by outsiders.



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