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Daily Highlights: 16/09/2014

Fast adoption of the legislation on special status of Donbass and on amnesty of terrorists, devided Ukrainian society. Situation could’t been softened even by the synchronous with the EU Parliament ratification of the association agreement with the EU and adoption of the Lustration law. At the same time, terrorists continue to attack Ukrainian army at all directions in Donbass.


●      Verkhovna Rada ratified the association agreement with the EU synchronously with the European Parliament. The process have been broadcasted live simultaneously in the two parliaments.
●      Intervention of the President of Ukraine forced deputies to conduct the closed session where legislation on special status of Donbass territories ceased by terrorists and amnesty of the illegal military units participants have been adopted. Main parliamentary voting scree have been off during the voting, that provided the opposers of the adopted legislation with arguments of the voting being cheated. Moreover, the breach of the approval process have been stressed, as the documents have been immediately signed by the President in the Parliament. Adoption of these laws led to mass protests of Ukrainians near Verkhovna Rada, parliamentary fence have been broken, tires have been fired, one policemen have been wounded and deputy Zhuravsky have been put into the trash bin. The law on lustration have been adopted besides the protests, but analytics are skeptical about its implementation after hundreds of amendments have been introduced.
●      Analysis of the elections lists of parties and blocks demonstrates that these contain big numbers of active participants of Maidan repressions, Party of Regions and KPU members, persons accused in corruption, separatism and terrorism supporters, reinforced by the fact that the lists are closed.
●      National Bank devaluated Ukraian hryvnya vs the US dollar by 8 copecks: 12.98 UAH/USD (-8 cop), 16.76 UAH/EUR (-8 cop), 3.42 UAH/10 RUB (+1 cop), quotations reached 13.9-14.3 UAH/USD by the end of the trading session.

War in Ukraine

●      Heavy fights for the Donets’k International Airport are ongoing, tank attach have been expelled and Russian military have been captured. Radio interception of terrorists talks provides the evidence that terrorists are ready to use chemical weapons against Ukrainian army and volunteers of the Right Sector, airport defenders.
●      Ukrainian military strongholds have been shelled and attacked more than 300 times since the announcement of the cease-fire according to the Minsk protocol, 16 Ukrainian military have been killed and tens wounded. Intensity of Ukrainian positions shelling by Russians and terrorists is steadily growing.
●      Half of the planned fortifications have been built in Zaporizhye Region. Mariupil’ completed the building of the echelon fortifications on the ground.
●      As per the UN data, more that 3 000 persons, including 27 children, have been killed since the beginning of fights in eastern Ukraine. Shelling of residential areas of Donets’k are ongoing, one woman have been killed and several people wounded, as the result of chance shell of the civilian bus.
●      Russian security service conducted a search, including withdrawal of documents and computers, in the building of the Crimean Tatars Medzhlis and in the «Avdet» newspaper in Simferopol, as well as at homes and offices of Crimean Tatars and pro-Ukrainian activists.


●      NASA renewed the space shuttle program of in order to be independent from Russia in terms of astronauts delivery to the International Space Station (MKS). Contracts to build the space shuttle will be given to Boeing and Space-X.
●      Russian Defense Minister Shojgu, informed about Russian troops deployment on Crimean direction, that seriously escalates the situation in the Black Sea basin.
●      Canadian Prime Minister announced introduction of sanctions against Russian military enterprises, Sberbank and subjects from Russian Defense Ministry, due to the recently reinforced presence in Ukraine.
●      World leaders clearly understand the challenge for the existing World order and security, coming from Russia. Ex-Secretary General of NATO Rasmussen, Supreme Allied Commander Europe Breedlove and British Minister on European Affairs Lidington, stressed in their speeches that secret and unofficial Russian invasions to border states are the pretext for the full scale war.
●      Exchange rate of Russian ruble vs major international currencies continue the sharp decline, analytics see the effect of the sanctions as the key reason.


●      Legislation on special status of Donbass and on amnesty of participants to the illegal militantly units have planted a bomb to the basement of the Ukrainian unitary state, even though the authorities and some experts believe these to be vital retreat to concentrate forces. At the same time, this could increase the refugees flow fro the ceased territories and additional budget burden, that Ukrainian citizens don’t want to be liable for, as well as the precedent of country division into separate entities.
●      Law on lustration became the useless declaration on intentions without any concrete mechanisms of implementation, after more than 400 amendments have been introduced by deputies.

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