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Daily Highlights: 15/09/2014

Introduced by President Poroshenko to the Verkhovna Rada legislative proposals on the special status of Donbass, currently controlled by terrorists and Russian troops, will not stop the Russian aggression. Ukrainian economy demonstrates steady decline during ongoing combat operations.


●      President Poroshenko introduced to the Verkhovna Rada a draft law on the ratification of the Association Agreement with the EU, to be adopted at the plenary session on September 16 in parallel with the EU Parliament.
●      Central Elections Committee registered a candidate list of the Communist Party of Ukraine for the early parliamentary elections. The Commission refused to register the initiative group on referendum on joining NATO, proposed by the «Batkivshyna» party, due to the fact, that according to the court order, representative of the Commission haven’t been authorized to be present during the meeting. Party «Sylna Ukraina», along with its leader Tigipko on top, have included vice-Prime Minister Khoroshkovsky, ex-Prosecutor General Piskun and several well known ex-members of the «Party of Regions» on its candidate list. Mr. Yarosh, leader of the «Pravy Sector» party, haven’t been put on the party elections list, as he will participate in the elections in a majority district due to participation in the combat operations.
●      National Bank has strengthened the Ukraian hryvnyavs the US dollar by 5 copecks: 12.90 UAH/USD (+5 cop), 16.68 UAH/EUR (+6 cop), 3.43 UAH/10 RUB (+10 cop). Real selling quotes on interbank reached 14.2 UAH/USD. Manual NBU management of the forex market, combined with the obligatory 100% sales of the currency revenues, undermines those Ukrainian enterprises that are using imported raw materials and exporting finished goods.
●      The Ministry of Finance has prepared two versions of the draft state budget for next year. Prime-Minister Yatsenyuk claimed, that without tax and budget reforms, proposed by the Government, being adopted, the draft state budget will not be submitted to Verkhovna Rada, as this will lead to the collapse of the economy.


●      The main Christmas Tree will be installed in Kyiv on the Sofyivska Square.

War in Ukraine

●      OSCE monitoring mission highlights sharp increase in the number of Donbass cease-fire agreement violations.
●      Terrorists continue massive shelling of the Donetsk international airport. 12 militants and 1 tank have been destroyed during the fighting.
●     Shelling have recently stopped in Lugansk. Attempts are being made to restore electricity supply. 6 civilians were killed as a result of the shelling performed by mobile terrorists groups in Donetsk.


●      Both the EU and the US do not recognize the legitimacy of the «elections» held in annexed by Russia Crimea.
●      European office of foreign affairs recognized invasion of the «second Russian humanitarian convoy» as Russian violation of Ukrainian territorial integrity and sovereignty.
●      According information from the Bilt newspaper, the EU is getting ready to recognize DPR and LPR as terrorist organizations during the meeting of the security and politics committee on September 23rd.
●      Voronezh court denied an appeal to release Ukrainian pilot Savchenko on bail. She was kidnapped and illegally transferred to Russia by LPR militants.
●      Russia justifies reduction of natural gas supplies to Europe with insufficient stock in Russian underground storage facilities.


●      Initiatives recently introduced by President Poroshenko to Verkhovna Rada, that almost copy Putin’s demands to provide amnesty to the participants of illegal combat organizations without prior investigation, and to provide a special status to Donbass, evoked ambiguous reaction among Ukrainians. They consider such actions, along with the postponement of the free trade zone introduction with the EU, as a capitulation of national interests, borderline to treason.
●      The government is planning to increase transport and communal tariffs after the elections.

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