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Daily Highlights: 12/09/2014

Russia use cease-fire to concentrate and rotate the troops in Donbass. Second humanitarian convoy”, that haven’t passed neither Ukrainian customs nor international organizations control, being treated as an instrument of aggression. Massive Russian diplomatic attack led to breakdown of the Ukraine – EU free trade zone introduction.


●      Implementation of the economic part of the association agreement with the EU on the red trade zone is being delayed till 31 of December 2015, as per demand from Russia, the association agreement itself will come in force on 16 of September after simultaneous ratification by Ukrainian and European parliaments. As consolatory measure, the European Commission will prolong preferences for Ukrainian suppliers for the same period of time, but access of European goods to Ukraine will be blocked. Ukrainian authorities explained this development by the fact that Russian side have been threatening with strong complications of trade between Russia and Ukraine, stressed by the Minister of Economic Development of Russia Ulyukayev. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Lubkivskiy resigned as the result of the decision taken.
●      Prime Minister Yatsenyuk informed, that Ukraine have decreased gas consumption by 30%, but 5 bin. cubic meters are still missing to cover the full demand, that could be received only from Europe.
●      Ukrainian Government allocated first 100 mlm. UAH to build fortifications on the border with Russia, within «the wall» project.
●      Head of the Central Elections Committee Ohendovsky stressed, that elections in Donbass could be conducted only in 13 out of 33 election districts.
●      Kharkiv court released from detention, under personal obligation, anti-maidan activist «topaz». Minister of Internal Affairs Avakov stressed, that this decision of the court is felonious. Previously, the Prosecutors Office closed the case against ex-Governor Dobkin, accused of separatism, due to the absence of components of crime.
●      Official exchange rate established by the NBU remained practically unchanged: 12.95 UAH/USD (+2 cop), 16.74 UAH/EUR (+3 cop), 3.46 UAH/10 RUB (+3 cop).
●      President Poroshenko spoke on the annual Yalta European Strategy (YES) Forum, that for the first time is being conducted outside of Crimea and outlined key theses of internal and external politics, that Ukrainian authorities plan to implement in nearest future.

War in Ukraine

●      35 trucks of the «second humanitarian convoy» from Russia crossed Ukrainian border without Ukrainian customs clearance and without supervision from the International Red Cross.
●      Situation in Donets’k remains very tense, three city districts have been severely damaged as the result of artillery shelling by terrorists, attack on the international airport, controlled by Ukrainian troops, started just after dark.
●      Security Service of Ukraine arrest numerous terrorist groups, but some of them conduct active subversive actions. 3 man wounded as the result of Ukrainian military column shelling near Mariupol.
●      As stated by experts, withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine actually is noting else but rotation and exchange of damaged technique with the new ones, on top of that, newest arms being provided to the illegal military groups and training camps for subversive groups being installed by the Russian special services in the borderline territories.


●      As stated by the European Commission President Barroso, European Union will provide Ukraine with 1 bln. EUR of macro financial aid and will help to renovate the Donbass.
●     United States decided to widen the sanctions against oil & gas and energy sectors of Russian economy – additionally sanctioned are “Gazprom”, ‘Gazpromneft”, “Lukoil”, “Surgutneftegaz”, “Rosneft”, biggest Russian bank “Sberbank”. At the same time, European sanctions against Russian energy and financial companies, as well as persons from Russian authorities and DPR and LPR terrorists, came to force.
●      As reported by Le Figaro, despite the France claim to freeze the project of Mistral class helicopter carriers supply to Russia, the first one should be tested in the sea with Russian crew on board.


●      Ukrainian society perceived quite ambiguously the joint announcement of the representatives of European Commission and Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, supported by the ultimate of the Russian Minister of Economic Development, on delay of the implementation of the economic part of the association agreement with the EU.

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