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Daily Highlights: 09/09/2014

OSCE observers evidence numerous truce breaches from the side of DPR and LPR militants and Russian army. Preliminary investigative report of the MH-17 flight catastrophe defines that the aircraft was penetrated by a large number of high-energy objects from the outside, that resulted in an in-flight structural disintegration of the plane.


●      Director of the information policy department of the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Ukraine Perebyjnis informed during the briefing, that Minsk protocol had been signed by Russia, that means its full responsibility for the agreements reached, at the same time LPR and DPR terrosists organizations hadn’t been legitimized by the protocol. As per the information from the presidential advisor Lutsenko, agreements reached would provide “special status”, approximately to 1/3 territory of Donetsk and Luhans’k regions, controlled by Russian troops and terrorists. Russian and Ukrainian presidents discussed mechanisms to ensure the cease-fire in the eastern Ukraine, during the telephone talks.
●      The Government approved allocation of 957 mil UAH for the early parliamentary elections from the reserve fund of the State budget.
●      Airing of 15 Russian channels was prohibited in Ukraine by decision of the National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting, both in cable as well as TV networks, but distribution of Russian TV products haven’t been banned so far.
●      Consecutive stage of mobilization was terminated, conscripted citizens are being trained before going to the front line.
●      National Bank of Ukraine Official lowered the official exchange rate of Ukrainian Hryvnya by 1%: 12.92 UAH/USD (-10 cop), 16.73 UAH/EUR (13 cop), 3.49 UAH/10 RUR (-2 cop).


●      Kyiv citizens, both man and woman, attend en masses “young recruit courses”, providing basic knowledge and skills in medical, tactical and military areas.

War in Ukraine

●      200 civilians have been killed in Donetsk and 35 in Makyivka since the beginning of shelling, inhabitants experienced heavy artillery sounds during all the day. OSCE monitoring mission evidenced several breaches of the cease-fire from the side of DPR and LPR militants, as well as Russian troops, that continue shelling Ukrainian army positions and Donbass cities. 4 Ukrainian military have been killed and 29 wounded since the truce introduction. Electricity and water supply are still absent in Luhans’k but as per inhabitants evidence shootings have terminated. Curfew was introduced in Mariupol.
●      Increase of Russian troops and installation of anti-aircraft missiles being observed along the Ukrainian border near Novoazovsk, as well as on the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea.


●      Preliminary report of the MH-17 Malaysian Airlines flight catastrophe, that took place in Ukraine, in Donetsk region, close to Torez, on 17/07/2014, was published on the official web site of the Security Council of the Netherlands. Report defines the main cause of the catastrophe as: fuselage damage by the large number of high-energy objects from the outside, leading to an in-flight structural disintegration of the aircraft. At the same time technical conditions of the aircraft were normal, plane was operated by experienced pilots and flight recorders haven’t indicated any problems until the moment of the catastrophe. The investigation is ongoing, 193 bodies out of 298 have been so far identified.
●      European sanctions against Russia haven’t been introduced so far.


●      Efforts of Ukrainian authorities against the subjects engaged in separatism and support of terrorists are evidently insufficient: Kharkiv authorities tried to dismantle Ukrainian flags, anti State protest are not being prohibited, pro-Russian newspaper “Vesti”being freely distributed in Kyiv.


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