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Daily Highlights: 05/09/2014


Cease-fire protocol has been signed in Minsk between Ukraine and DPR & LPR terrorist organizations, but its text hasn’t become public yet. At the same time, Europe is not backing off from introducing new sanctions against Russia.


●      State Statistic Agency of Ukraine reported acceleration of monthly inflation in August of 0.8%, leading to 12.9% as of YTD. Despite seasonal price decline for fruits and vegetables, prices for the the rest of groceries, utilities and transport, as well as medications, have been growing.
●      Ore dressing industrial plants Irshansky and Volnogorsky, previously rented by “Krimean Titan” of oligarch Firtash, have been returned to the State.
●      Reserves of the National Bank of Ukraine have eroded by 1.5% during the month and now equal to 15,831 bln. USD. National Bank have lowered the official exchange rate: 12.82 UAH/USD (-30 cop), 16.69 UAH/EUR (-22 cop), 3.48 UAH/10RUR (-12 cop).


●      Fees for metro transportation, being stable during last 6 years, will very soon increase in the capital, as electricity, spare parts, as well as average salary have already went up in the country.

War In Ukraine

●      Cease-fire protocol have been signed in Minsk by representatives of Ukraine and self-proclaimed terrorists organizations DPR and LPR in the presence of OSCE representatives, starting from 18:00 (Kyiv time) on the 5th of September. The text of the protocol haсn’t been made public yet. DPR and LPD leaders immediately claimed that the truce doesn’t mean refusal of the course on separation from Ukraine. As reported by BBC Russia, «information center» of self-proclaimed “Novorossiya” announced a press conference dedicated to the breach of the Poroshenko cease-fire order for the 9th of September. The announcement has been corrected afterwards. Militants still continue to shell Ukrainian positions after the truce came to force.


●      Ex-Prime Minister of Norway Stoltenberg will officially start as the NATO Secretary General as of 1st of October. Acting NATO Secretary General Rasmussen informed that an Alliance Rapid Deployment Forces will be created as a response to the aggressive Russian politics.
●      As a result of the NATO summit in the Wales, UK Prime Minister Cameron stated that Alliance participants are unanimously supporting the decision to continue economic pressure and sanctions against Russia, despite the cease-fire in Donbass. As per US President Barack Obama, the truce has been achieved due to the introduced sanctions.
●      Russia has announced the start of the project to build the bridge over the Kerch strait.


●      Non-transparent for the society, the signing of the agreement with Russian puppet organizations DPR and LPR, previously defined by Ukrainian court as terrorists, intensifies tension within society. As zones of Donbass, occupied by Russian troops, are transforming into «grey zones», and at the same time are being financed by Ukrainian budget because of the upcoming elections, this plays against ratings of the President Poroshenko and his team.

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