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Summary – September 29, 2014

1. The bloody “battle for peace” is in full swing in Donbas. For the past three hours (from 6:00 to 9:00 pm EEST on September 29, 2014), we have recorded 11 attacks on the positions of Ukrainian forces by the Russian–terrorist forces.

Insurgents who earlier didn’t “distinguish themselves” adequately, have now reached their limit of cynicism. Today, we recorded several instances that are plainly unconscionable. Using the fact that Ukrainian troops only open fire in response to being attacked, they bring the “Grad” MLRS closer to our positions, turn them around, and discharge them at the residential quarters. [Now,] try to prove that these are not Ukrainians annihilating peaceful civilians…

For Russian propaganda – every possible service [is available], including the bloodiest of them all – which are especially enjoyed by the Kremlin.

2. The Central Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia has launched a criminal case in connection with the “genocide of the Russian–speaking population of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine.”

Russian investigators have “discovered” that the leadership of the National Guard and the “Right Sector” movement ordered their subordinates to obliterate the Russian-speaking people living in eastern Ukraine. [They were ordered to do so with] “Grads,” artillery, and cluster munitions. In general, Moscow has attributed to Ukrainian troops the crimes [committed by] Russian mercenaries, the Russian army, and the pro-Russian insurgents.

It is useless to argue here – the Kremlin clowns don’t even know how else to craft their tales of absurdity. Here comes the only question: how come all these crimes are happening exclusively on the territory controlled by the DNR and LNR [Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics]? Take two steps from the frontlines into Ukraine’s territory – and not on your life will you be able to find a representative of the “Russian-speaking population,” who has had even his foot stepped on on a streetcar for [his use] of the Russian language.

3. The removal of the Lenin monument in Kharkiv caused cries and moans from a certain part of the public. The city mayor Hennadiy Kernes, who rushes through life among the smart and the beautiful, vowed to restore the ruined monument. Some cry crocodile tears (‘Uncle Vova was insulted’), while others are dancing a jig.

I do not understand, what is the hysteria about? If the Lenin fans, including Kernes, cared so much about the monument, they could have moved it a long time ago back to where it belongs – for example, outside of the Communist Party office, or even better ­– to the manor of [Petro] Symonenko [Communist Party leader] – there is plenty of space [to spare] there. But what would the monument to one of the bloodiest and most authoritarian “leaders” in world history, who shat on Ukraine from the [bottom of his] heart, embodied in a monstrous and tasteless figure, be doing in the center of a Ukrainian city? It is especially sad that the city in question is Kharkiv–the great city without which it is impossible to imagine the history of our nation.

I think nothing prevents those who are crying for the communist carrion, to gather their things and move to a country where it is worshipped, and still enthusiastically masturbate on the partially decomposed body of Vladimir Lenin [located] in the center of its capital. This ideological necrophilia was long overdue to end in Ukraine.

To those who insist that the demolition of the memorial to Lenin does not affect the welfare of the people in any way, I will answer simply. Our world today is a world of meanings. As long as the Lenins from the dark and tragic past govern the minds [of Ukrainians], it is futile to build a bright future.

The good news:

1. According to Ukrainian security forces, over the past two weeks 468 of our citizens were freed from captivity. And in the last month, more than 1,000 captured civilians and military personnel were released.

Unfortunately, we do not see much positive in the present “ceasefire.” Moscow and the terrorists don’t even intend to stop the bloody carnage they have set up in Donbas. But if this strange “truce” allows us to address the issue of prisoners even more effectively ­– then let it be this way.

2. The SBU announced: the evidence base in the criminal proceedings against ex-president Viktor Yanukovych and his gang has been collected. It is now up to delivering the accused into court.

Actually, it would not hurt to hold a court demonstration in absentia. And the point would be, not even to give a legal assessment of this creature, whom even Putin no longer drags to the surface as the “legitimate president of Ukraine,” because it’s ridiculous. But to show the mechanism of national humiliation in their faces. And to call these persons by name.

Will the current Ukrainian authorities have the guts to get to the last screw in the Yanukovych system and pull him to the surface? We’ll see, although plenty of water has passed under the bridge since Maidan, and the old actors are crawling out of every nook and cranny again.

3. And [about] Kharkiv again. Here, the first criminal proceeding over voter bribery has been launched: in the premises of one of the [city] schools, the Kharkiv residents received food packages with cards carrying a big hello from one of the parliamentary candidates [an MP]. Earlier the media reported that an MP candidate, who is the current deputy of the local [city] council known in these parts as a Party of Regions MP, gave away buckwheat in Kharkiv.

Frankly speaking, if our politicians learn to gain voter sympathy with their minds and deeds and not buckwheat – Ukrainian politics will get a chance to transform itself from the current bazaar business into a real state activity in the name of the people and the nation. This, of course, is light years away, but you never know… The path is made by walking.

Dmitry Tymchuk, Coordinator, Information Resistance

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine


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