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Dmitry Tymchuk: Greetings on Ukraine’s Independence Day

My friends, brothers, and sisters.

Sadly, we celebrate this day of our country’s independence at a time when the enemy’s boots trample our land and our guys are being killed. To our great happiness, this is the first time we are celebrating this day not as just another red [Soviet] date on the calendar, but as our day, full of great meaning.

For there is nothing more sacred than freedom, paid in blood.

We will forever remember our heroes—the guys who died defending our freedom. But we know that from now on, there is no South, East, and West of our country. There Is Ukraine. Period.

…I just spoke with the coordinator of IR [Information Resistance], who hosts a few refugees from Donbas at his home. I quote his words: “Today is the first time they will be celebrating independence day, and mind you, on their own initiative….” No matter how pathetic it sounds, but this is the moment when a united country is born.

From the IR Group, congratulations to all, happy holidays!

Glory To Ukraine!

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine





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