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Daily Highlights – 28/08/2014


●      Presidential Poroshenko has cancelled his official visit to Turkey for the inauguration of the President Erdogan due to a sharp worsening of the situation in Donbass and Russian invasion of Ukraine. In his speech at the NSDC he urged not to panic and called situation in Donbass extremely difficult but controlled. He has also informed that consultations have started at the level of military headquarters of Russia and Ukraine, aimed to establish border control and exchange of prisoners of war. President Poroshenko issued an order to enforce decisions of NSDC from 27th of August. Most parts of the document are being kept secret. He as well approved military plan for Donbass for the nearest future. Deputy head of the Presidential Administration Zubko stressed that introduction of the martial law is of benefit for aggressor, because as he said the country introducing such law can’t receive military and technical support from other countries.
●      As claimed by the Advisor of the Minister of Internal Affairs Gerashenko, the ministry fully supports immediate introduction of the martial law.
●      Vice-speaker of verkhovna Rada Koshulinsky has assured that parliament will provide needed number of votes for martial law introduction in case President Poroshenko signs specified order.
●      Civilian rally took place near the Ministry of Defense demanding from the leadership of the General Staff to immediately provide support for Ukrainian military regiments encircled near Ilovaysk, and also change leadership of the Ministry of Defense and the Antiterrorist Operation. The rally continued near the Presidential Administration and all requests have been transferred to authorities.
●      NSDC decided to re-start regular military service draft from the autumn of 2014.
●      Decisive actions of the NBU have led to Hryvnya stabilization on the foreign exchange market: 13.44 UAH/1$ (+45 cop), 17.70 UAH/1€ (-62 cop), 3.84 UAH/10 RUR (-13 cop).


●      Based on the existing circle railway, Kyiv could establish «light metro» with trains moving with an interval of 10 minutes.

War in Ukraine

●      Situation in Donbass have rapidly deteriorated due to invasion by Russian troops. Ukrainian military left Novoazovs’k city and several settlements within Starobeshivsky, Telmanivsky and Amvrosievsky districts. Ukrainian military have been encircled near Ilovays’k due to activity of Russian troops and the General Staff claimed to introduce unblocking actions. Terrorists claimed to take back control over the strategic height Savur-Mohyla and are fighting to push back Ukrainian troops from Shakhtars’k. DPR and LPR terrorists renewed active warfare on all fronts due to significant reinforcement received in men, artillery and armored vehicles, as well as with support of Russian intelligence and regular army.
●      Mariupil’ is getting prepared for defense. Access routes to the city are being strengthened by military and civilian volunteers. Governor Taruta held a meeting with regional authorities due to the risk of city being taken over. Borders of Dnipropetrovs’k and Zaporizhya regions are as well being reinforced with block posts and defensive fortifications. Dnipropetrovs’k regional authorities are ready to provide help for neighbors at risk for building fortifications.
●      Situation in major Donbass cities remains critical. Civilians are being killed due to shelling. Terrorists are destroying civilian infrastructure. Absence of water pumping from mines due to the electricity supply cuts could lead to flooding of several cities.


●      During an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council, convened due to the Russian troops invasion of Ukraine, Russian representative Churkin has claimed that «Russian volunteers» are fighting in Ukraine. Deputy Secretary General Feltman has informed that in case Russian invasion of Ukraine gets confirmed, Russia will be recognized as a violator of international law. UN Security Council blocked Russian-proposed resolution on cease-fire in eastern Ukraine.
●      On its official web site, NATO has published satellite images of heavy armored vehicle columns crossing Ukrainian border and claimed that more than 1,000 Russian regular troops and officers are on Ukrainian territory. US Ambassador to Ukraine has informed that Russia transferred the newest air defense systems to the rebels in Ukraine.  US President Obama has made a statement that Russia, who arms and finances Donbass rebels, will pay extra price if invasion to Ukraine continues. President Poroshenko has been offered to officially visit Washington on September 18. As the result of a telephone conversation between President Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, both parties decided to introduce extra sanctions against Russia. NATO Council decided to hold an emergency meeting with participation of Ukraine on August 29.
●      Russian President Putin urged militants to let Ukrainian troops leave the encirclement, and Ukrainian authorities to start negotiations with DPR and LPR terrorists. He also stated that provisioning of «humanitarian aid» will be continued.
●      IMF speaker stated that Ukraine has satisfied all conditions to receive the next tranche of the stand-by credit.


●      Ukrainians demand authorities to declare military operations against regular Russian troops in the east of the country a war and to introduce martial law. However, the authorities are not ready for this step due to the fact that elections and changes to constitution are prohibited under the martial law. Non-introduction of the martial law is being rationalized by a suggestion that such introduction would jeopardise potential international financial and military support. However, several countries confirm their readiness to provide it if Ukraine officially applies for it.
●      Due to the fact that Ukrainian authorities haven’t organized a proper and working system to support the refugees, people who recently left Donbass are forced to come back to their homes in the combat area, as funds and opportunities to earn them are critically lacking.


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