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Daily Highlights – 25/08/2014


●      President Poroshenko dissolved Verkhovna Rada. An early parliamentary elections will take place on 26th of October 2014. In a video appeal to Ukrainian citizens, President emphasized that current parliament consists of people, who don’t fulfill their duties and in their majority are the fifth column of aggressor. Dissolution however doesn’t mean deputies shouldn’t adopt important laws.
●      Negotiations within the format Ukraine – the EU – “Eurasian troika” (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan) are planned for 26th of August in Minsk, but Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign affairs informed that the format haven’t been yet approved.
●      Political party “Bathkivshyna” announced participation in the future parliamentary elections and decided to support Arseniy Yatsenyuk for the Prime Minister after election of the new composition of Verkhovna Rada. Several members have been excluded from the party for non compliance with the party charter, including Gennadiy Moskal.

War in Ukraine

●      Russian troops under the guise of “DPR militants” without any insignia invaded Ukraine near Novoazovs’k after heavy shelling of the border area but were destroyed by Ukrainian army units. Columns of Russian mercenaries have been as well destroyed in Amvrosyevsky area of Donets’k region, as well as close to Suhodols’k and Krasnodon in Luhansk region. Russian soldiers captured on Ukrainian territory have given their testimonies. Russian troops and mercenaries are trying to encircle Ukrainian troops fighting in Ilovays’k. Fights are ongoing within the city line limit of Donets’k. Luhans’k have been without electricity and water for almost three weeks.
●      Military equipment and technology of the National Guards, that took part in the Independence Day parade, have been transferred to the combat operations zone.
●      Medzhlis of the Crimean Tatar People called citizens to boycott the elections of Crimean local authorities planned for 14th of September, as well as excluded from the management body subjects, involved in collaboration with Russian occupation authorities.


●      Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov announced preparation of the next “humanitarian convoy”, expected to follow the same route.
●      Economy Minister of Switzerland cancelled trip to Russia due to the annexation of Crimea and continuous conflict escalation in eastern Ukraine. The trip’s aim was to discuss a free trade zone.


●      Ukrainian President doesn’t officially declare military actions in the East an open Russian invasion of the country because a declaration of martial law would prevent  authorities from changing the Constitution and conducting elections of parliament and other state bodies.
●      Advertising Campaign of Poroshenko, placed throughout Ukraine, raise numerous questions within the society regarding the funding sources as well as why these resources haven’t been used to support the army.

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