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Daily Highlights – 24/08/2014


●      The Independence Day have been celebrated in Ukraine. Holiday military parade have been conducted on Maidan Nezalezhnosti with participation of military and police units, as well as of various military technology, that after the end of the parade were moving to the zone of antiterrorist operation. President Poroshenko participated both in the parade of land forces in Kyiv and navy ones in Odessa during the same day. In his keynote speech, President Poroshenko promised to allocate 40 bln. UAH (~3 bln.$) for army rearmament during the coming three years. Official Soviet-times Day of the Motherland Defenders will not be celebrated anymore in Ukraine as per Russian calendar. Nadiya Savchenko, captured by terrorists in Luhansk region and illegally transferred to Russia, have been rewarded with the “For the Bravery” insignia. Archbishop Kyril congratulated President Poroshenko with the Independence Day. Congratulations as well came from the President of the USA, many European leaders and from the Pope. The first congratulation came from the President of Belarus Lukashenko.
●      As reported by the SSU Chief Nalyvaychenko, detained leaders of the Ukrainian Communist Party units are testifying and confessing of support of separatism and terrorism.
●      Verkhovna Rada speaker Turchynov in an interview claimed, that diplomatic means of resolution of the conflict in Donbass are needed, but without army it will be impossible to liberate the Ukrainian territory. In his opinion, the processes of integration into the EU and NATO should be synchronized.
●      As per opinion of the Minister of Defense Heletey, the optimal model of the Ukrainian Armed Forces should be the Swiss one. According to it every citizen participates in regular exercises and carry arms and equipment at home. This allows to ensure the battle-capable army is always ready to face any aggression.
●      Ukraine is getting ready to reduce the diplomatic corps according to the Governmental savings program, as informed by the deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Chaliy.


●      Vyshyvanka parade with around 5,000 participants, took place on Andryivsky Uzviz, dedicated to the Independence day.

War in Ukraine

●      In the center of Donetsk, terrorists convoyed captured Ukrainian hostages including military ones. International human rights organization Human Rights Watch stressed, that such crime is a direct violation of the Geneva convention on prisoners of war. Shelling of Donetsk were paused during the parade but recommenced afterwards, bringing several civilian casualties. Bus routes to Donetsk have been cancelled.
●      Residential areas of settlements Starobeshevo, Kuteynikovo, Novoazovs’k and Telmanovo, which have no Ukrainian army strongholds, have been shelled from Russian territory from multiple rocket launchers “Grad” and “Smerch” with use of cassette payloads.
●      DPR terrorists attempted to counter attack Ukrainian Armed Forces in the south – in the area of Elenovka and Starobeshevo. Heavy fights are ongoing in the area of Ilovays’k and near the strategic height of Savur-Mohyla.
●      As reported by the Security & Defense Council of Ukraine on Twitter, 722 Ukrainian military personnel have been killed and 2,625 wounded during the combat operations in Donbass.


●      While speaking to CNN, Deputy Head of the US Department of State stressed  that the US is ready to put extra actions against Russia due to the direct use of Russian military, armored units and artillery in the conflict in Donbass.
●      In the interview following her visit to Ukraine, German Chancellor Angela Merkel stated that military solution of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is non-existent and Ukrainian actions shouldn’t harm Russia.
●      Numerous unauthorized rallies took place in Russia and Kazakhstan in support of Ukraine. Numerous actions to support Ukraine have been as well conducted around Europe.


●      Attitude towards the military parade on Khreshatyk divided Ukrainian society. Many volunteers and soldiers in the combat zone condemn the event, but at the same time people recognize the need to boost morale and patriotic spirit of troops and civilians.
●      German Chancellor Merkel’s interview to the ARD channel definitely demonstrated, that Ukraine shouldn’t rely on significant help from the European officials.

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