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Daily Highlights – 20/08/2014


●      President Poroshenko stated that conflict in Donbass couldn’t be solved solely by military means, while speaking to the Deputy of the UN Secretary General Feltman.
●      National Bank once again strongly devaluated Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH) to new historical minimum: 13.22 UAH / 1$ (-27 cop), 17.65 UAH / 1€ (-32 cop), 3.66 UAH / 10 RUR (-7 cop). National Bank implemented obligatory sales of all foreign currency revenues for exporters for the period of three months starting from August 20th, as well as ordered to conduct all import/export transactions during up to 90 days, in order to compensate pressure on the Fx rate. Banks have been as well ordered to open separate accounts for salaries, pensions and stipends, to ensure appropriate taxation of the passive income. NBU decided to sell non-value added assets, including the scandalous wellness center in Yaremche, valued at 1 bin. UAH.
●      Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine stressed that Russian «humanitarian convoy» will be given access to the territory of Ukraine if readiness to deliver it to will be documentary confirmed from the side of the International Red Cross.
●      National  Electricity Commission ordered to the energy companies to uninterruptedly supply with electricity all enterprises of «Ukroboronprom», as well as to reassess consumption conditions and volumes according to the newly claimed needs.
●      Financial Minister Shlapak reported that Ukraine asked IMF to shorten the timing of stand-by credits provision.


●      Preparations to the military parade planned for the Independence Day are ongoing on Khreshatyk during the night.

War in Ukraine

●      As reported by the UN High Commission for Refugee  more than 416 thousands civilians fled the combat areas in Donbass and 76 thousands out of them submitted claims for the refugee status.
●      Heavy fights are ongoing in Ilovays’k, Donets’k, Luhans’k, Gorlivka, Torez, Shakhtars’k, Zurges, Snizhne, Stanitsya Luhans’ka, Krasny Luch. During th day, terrorists several times tried to counterattack Ukrainian Armed Forces in Ilovays’k, but all  attempts have been successfully expelled. Near Luhans’k terrorists shot down Ukrainian jet fighter SU-25, militants stressed that even OSCE drones will be shot down. Military attache of the US embassy reported that supply of the air defense suppression systems to Ukraine is being considered. Ukrainian army capture Russian APC with all documents and evidence, during the fight near Lutugino town.
●      Terrorists destroy Donbass infrastructure, as the result of cut electricity supply to the water pumps, eliminating water from coal mines, serious risk of flooding emerged. Attempt to restore the water supply in Donetsk failed. As officially reported by the Region Authorities, 34 civilians were killed during the day in Donetsk region, terrorist controlled cities are being shelled with artillery.


●      As «President» of self-proclaimed Transdnestria claimed, emergency special invitation of reservists to the «military peacekeeping forces» have been announced.
●      ITAR-TASS reported, that full scale military exercises of the Strategic Missile Troops started in Russia, involving 1 200 of military men and 200 military units, aimed to train on simulators the operators of intercontinental ballistic missiles, in case the nuclear strike order will be received, as well as to test the readiness of radiation, biological and chemical defense units.
●      In the center of Moscow Russian authorities captured four Russian citizens, who’ve put Ukrainian flag on one of the tallest buildings in the area and painted the red cross in Ukrainian national colors .
●      Estonia plans to minimize dependence on gas supply from Russia with pipeline project from Finland.


●      Russia and satellites demonstrate preparations for full scale invasion to Ukraine, conducts numerous military but not civilian defense exercises.
●      Russia systematically destroy infrastructure of Donbass via its mercenaries and DPR, LPR terrorists, that demonstrates that control over eastern Ukraine is not the final objective, but could be the method to influence Ukrainian economy within the plan to capture bigger part of Ukrainian territory.
●      Ukraine is unable to manage financial problems alone that is being confirmed by recent activities of NBU to stabilize the Fx rate, claims to the IMF to shorten the timing of the stand-by credits provision,  as well as the recent resignation of the Economy Minister Sheremeta, submitted during the Government meeting.

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