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Daily Highlights- 18/08/2014


●      Luhansk mayor, who had been collaborating with terrorists and have been recently captured by Aydar battalion, was reelased from detention by the court.
●      National Bank slightly strengthened Ukrainian hryvnia: 13.07 UAH/1$ (+6 cop), 17.50 UAH/1€ (+6 cop), 3.63 UAH/10 RUR (+1 cop).
●      As terrorists weren’t able to guarantee security to the Red Cross specialists, customs clearance of the «humanitarian aid»haven’t been performed yet. Ukrainian border guards prevented the attempt of several Russian trucks to enter Ukraine through the checkpoint «Izvaryno».
●      As reported by the Washington Post, «Motor Sich» company from Zaporizhya continue to supply Russia with military produce.


●      Kyiv authorities launched the investment competition on creation of the major network of points of sales, with direct access to consumers by the bread producers, aimed to prevent sharp price increases for the social types of bread.

War in Ukraine

●      As per official reports from NSDC, fights are ongoing in the center of Luhansk, Stanitsa Luhanskaya, Ilovaysk, as well as in the outskirts of Donetsk.
Donbass terrorists receive powerful weapons such as multiple rocket launchers «Uragan», use of prohibited by the international conventions antipersonnel mine cassette ammunition have been evidenced. Russia supply hundreds of heavy ammunition, armored technique, artillery systems and mercenaries to Donbass, through parts of the border uncontrolled by Ukrainian troops. Technique is being supplied without the license plates, mercenaries carry no insignia. Russia put surface-to-air missile systems on their side, that prevents the use of Ukrainian aviation in the borderline zones.
●      Water supply to Donetsk was cut as terrorists damaged  main filtration station. 94 settlements have been cut from electricity supply within the Donetsk region, around half a million of inhabitants are cut off from the electricity supply, as reported by the region authorities.
●      Organized refugees column was shelled by terrorists with multiple rocket launcher «Grad», dozens of civilians were killed, including children. As stated by the head of the polish humanitarian mission this accident could be recognized as the crime against humanity.


●      Energy Minister of Ukraine Prodan met with the Deputy Minister of Energy of the US, questions of energy security during absence of gas supply from Russia were discussed and participation of the US specialists to the work of the anticrisis energy council agreed.
●      As reported by the Eurostat, since the beginning of the year export of goods from the EU member states to Russia declined by -14%, import from Russia by -7%.
●      Bulgaria fully stopped construction of the «South Stream» pipeline until the project will not comply with the European legislation.
●      Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Klimkin, announced during the breeding, that German Chancellor Merkel will come to Ukraine with special visit on 23rd of August. He also stressed that during negotiations in Berlin Russia refused to recognize facts of ammunition and mercenaries supply through its border, shillings of Ukrainian territory, as well as to allow effective border control by the OSCE observers.
●      Verkhovna Rada speaker Turchynov during the joint press conference of the parliament spacers in Lithuania stressed, that compromises with aggressors hadn’t ever led to anything good. Ukraine is ready to protect Europe from Russian aggression but arms supply is necessary.
●      European Union is ready to provide Ukraine with extra financial aid for refugees and re-settled subjects from the east of Ukraine, as confirmed by the EU representative responsible for humanitarian aspects and civil defense during the meeting with the Vice-Prime Minister Groysman.
●      Prime Minister of Finland stressed that provision of the military aid to Ukraine from the side of the EU is impossible.
●      OSCE observers, responsible for monitoring of the situation in Ukraine, will be provided by surveillance drones not earlier than by the end of the month.
●      As reported by the Radio Liberty, anti Ukrainian propaganda in Russia have been just launched on children’s channels.


●      Intensive preparation of troops for the winter campaign is ongoing from Russian and Ukrainian sides.
●      Russia has no other option to resolve the transport connection with Crimeas but through the land route through Ukraine.

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