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Daily Highlights- 17/08/2014


●      First part of trucks with Russian «humanitarian aid» reached the customs checkpoint Izvaryno. OSCE experts will check the shipment on monday or tuesday, transfer of goods will be performed only through the International Red Cross. Humanitarian aid, provided by Ukraine, is being already distributed by the Red Cross in 10 cities of Luhansk region.
●      Slovyansk inhabitants during the meeting decided to dismantle the monument of Lenin, as well as stressed subversive terrorists groups are acting in the city, as well as within the zone liberated by the Ukrainian army.


●      Around 400 participants attended the ceremony of enthronement of the newly elected Archbishop Onyfriy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church under Moscow Patriarchate in Lavra.
●      Despite the absence of the scene, dismantled by the Kyiv authorities, civil council took placee on Maidan.

War in Ukraine

●      Terrorists systematically destroy the infrastructure of Donbass – blast rail roads and highways, disrupt electricity and water supply. Donetsk was cut of the water supply, as main water filtration station had been cut of electricity. Rail road communication with other cities of Ukraine have been terminated. City citizens are trying to escape the combat area en masse, but terrorists are impeding them to do so, considering to use them as a live shield. Cities are massively shelled by terrorists in order to make inhabitants panic. Use of artillery and aviation is prohibited within the cities in Ukrainian army.
●      Heavy fights with terrorists are ongoing at the outskirts of Donetsk and Luhansk. Key rail road station Yasinuvata have been taken under control. Terrorists, supported by Russian mercenaries, attempted a counterattack near the Saur Mohyla height, using proximity to the border, that allows to receive artillery support from Russia. Terrorists took 3 Ukrainian officers negotiators as hostages. Ukrainian Air-force MIG 29 jet fighter was shut off in Luhansk region, pilot escaped and survived.


●      No agreement have been reached during the quadrilateral meeting of Foreign Ministers of Ukraine, Germany, France and Russia, on Donbass crisis resolution, in Berlin. German Foreign Minister reported «some progress», but Ukrainian and Russian counterparts abstained from any comments.
●      Russian police broke up a rally for federalization of Ural and Siberia in Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk.
●      Poland re-launched the investigation of the plane crush with delegation of the governmental officials on board, that took place in 2010 in Russia near Smolensk.
●      Monument of Ukrainian nationalist leader Stepan Bandera was partially damaged in Munich.


●      Local civilians of the territories liberated by Ukrainian army strongly support DPR and LPR. Experts name as key reasons of resistance absence of lustration and authorities attempts to collaborate with local elites, supportive to terrorists.
●      Ukrainian authorities will be soon forced to create mobile police units in order to stifle subversive terrorists groups, acting on the liberated territories.
●      The EU cannot refrain from Russian gas and therefore is trying to secure the supply through Ukrainian GTS with any means. Construction of Nabucco gas pipeline, from Turkmenia and Azerbaijan via Turkey to Europe, could be strongly reinforced in the nearest future due to the situation.

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