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Daily Highlights- 16/08/2014


●      Slovakia and Ukraine started the test gas pumping, going to Ukraine in reverse scheme. Gas supply is being planned for September.
●      Based on the list of goods, provided by the International red Cross, Social Policy Minister Denisova  signed the order of humanitarian aid recognition for the shipment supplied by the  Russian «humanitarian convoy». Ukrainian humanitarian aid is being already unloaded in Starobilsk and Severodonetsk.
●      President Poroshenko, during the meeting with the newly elected Archbishop of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church under the Moscow Patriarchate Onyfriy, discussed the question of orthodox churches unification and role of the church in unification of society.
●      Preparations for the military parade are ongoing in Kyiv, planned to be conducted on the Ukrainian Independence Day. 1 500 men, 49 military and aviation units are planned to participate.


●      Mayor Klitchko urged to make Trukhanov island, the preferred leisure place for Kyiv citizens, a pedestrian area and make it in order.
●      More than 230 emergency calls on infrastructural objects mining have been placed since the beginning of the year, hopefully, all of them were false.

War in Ukraine

●      In Donetsk and Luhansk Ukrainian Army engaged in street fights with terrorists. Use of Aviation and artillery being prohibited. At the same time, in order to create the «picture» for the Russian TV and demoralize civilians, terrorists shell residential areas with artillery. At least 4 civilians were killed in Donetsk, electricity and water supply are unavailable and garbage is not being recycled in Luhansk. As reported by the information center of NSDC, artillery destroyed Russian military column that entered Ukraine through the uncontrolled border checkpoint «Izvaryno».  Counterattacks of terrorists have been successfully repulsed in various areas of combat operations, Ukrainian army took Zhdanovka and Yenakyjeve under control.
●      Russian army, from its side of the border, continue to shell Ukrainian military strongholds with artillery and multiple rocket launchers «Grad», Russian aviation continue to disturb Ukrainian air space.


●      French President Francois Hollande and Head of the European Commission Barroso stressed in their communique that Ukraine should exert reticence and prudence while conducting combt operations against «separatists».
●      Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs put the protest note to the Russian Federation due to the unilateral attempt to change the jurisdiction of the nuclear objects in Crimea.


●      As per assessment of the Georgian reforms creator Kakha Bandukidze, as well as per opinion of the other experts, Ukrainian Government is missing the critical moment to introduce structural reforms in economics and social spheres. Absence of reforms, combined with growth of tax burden and internal population moves due to the combat operations, lead to decline of business activities,  erosion of the budget receivables and weakening of the country defense capabilities. Preliminary analysis of the law package, proposed by the Government of Yatsenyuk, to be used as the basis for the budget preparation, does’t allow to assume structural reforms and improvement of the investment climate.
●      Subversive activities of terrorist groups as well as sabotage of those who haven’t been subject of lustration, will become the major threats after successful termination of the combat operation in the eastern Ukraine.

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