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Daily Highlights- 15/08/2014


●      Financial Minister Shlapak stressed at the briefing, that major state lotteries «MSL», «Patriot», «UNL» are illegal and suggested to boycott them, as well as to legalize the gambling business, rationalizing this by need to fulfill the budget.
●      UAH exchange rate of slightly declined and keeps at the level of historical minimum: 13.13 UAH / 1$ (-4 cop), 17.57 UAH / 1€ (-8 cop), 3.64 UAH / 10 RUR (-3 cop). As mentioned by latest trading participants, NBU intervened under the Fx rate of 13.0 UAH / 1$. From 15th of August NBU will publish the status of the interbank currency exchange on its web site.
●      State Office of Public Prosecutor confirmed opening of criminal case against leader of Communist Party of Ukraine Symonenko on suspicion of overthrow of the constitutional order and assumption of power. Activities of Akhmetov and Yefremov are as well being checked. At the same time, Office of Public Prosecutor lost the case in the Pechersky court against defense of honor and dignity of Mr. Potrnov, former first deputy of Presidential Administration of Yanukovych.
●      Speed passenger boats line Kyiv – Kaniv – Cherkassy – Kremecnhug – Dnipropetrovsk – Zaporizhya is planned for the next year. Travel time to last destination should be around 9 hours.
●      Police renewed investigation of illegal dismantling of the monument of Lenin in the center of Mariupol.
●      State Fund of Physical Persons Deposits Guaranty introduced temporary administration in the «Ukrainian Financial World» bank, belonging to Alexandr Yanukovych.


●      Several civilians have been injured during forceful dismantling of «Spilno.TV» domes by sportive subjects. Police have been standing aloof.
●      President Poroshenko appointed heads of 6 district administrations of the capital, previously approved by the Kyiv State City Administration.

War in Ukraine

●      Ukrainian Army entered Donetsk and Luhansk, heavy fights are ongoing on the city limits. Terrorists are trying to counterattack Ukrainian forces in five big cities and in Saur-Mohyla height, where artillery supports them from the Russian territory. Border checkpoint «Uspenka» was destroyed by the multiple rocket launcher «Grad» shelling from Russian territory. Civilians continue to die and be injured from shelling of the cities. Terrorists are trying to counterattack in various areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, but Ukrainian army, fixed well at established strongholds, successfully repulses these attacks.
●      International journalists evidenced Russian APCs cross ing Ukrainian border. As reported by the Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, these APCs tried to advance Luhansk, encircled by Ukrainian Armed Forces, and have been partially destroyed.
●      Half empty trucks have been evidenced by journalists during inspection of the «humanitarian convoy» at Ukrainian border, at «Donetsk» border checkpoint (in Rostov region). At the same time Russian media escalate the hysteria of possible annihilation of the «humanitarian convoy» in Ukraine.


●      Meeting of Presidential Administrations Heads of Ukraine and Russia- Lozhkin and Lavrov took place in Sotchi, as a preparatory step for the quadrilateral meeting in Berlin in the format of Ukraine – France – Germany – Russia, on settlement of the situation in the eastern Ukraine.
●      NATO believe, that Russian appeals to deescalate conflict in Donbass are the empty words. White house named russian APCs invasion in Ukraine as extremely dangerous and provocative. German Chancellor Merkel, during the telephone talks with Russian President Putin, appealed to stop supply of arms, APCs and mercenaries to Ukraine, as well as use all efforts to deescalate the situation. The same have been stressed by the french President Francois Hollande in his speck in Marseille, dedicated to the opening of the second front against the Nazi Germany. Heads of the Foreign Affairs Ministries of the EU, warned Russia in with their joint statement, that any Russian military actions under any pretext, including humanitarian ones, will be treated by the EU as violation of the international laws.
●      Canada provided Ukraine with non-lethal military support with tents, bullet-proof vests, tactical glasses, sleeping-bags and first aid kits.
●      As reported by the Justice Minister of Ukraine Petrenko, Turkey launched the criminal investigation on owners of the vessels, violators of Ukrainian territorial waters, entered Crimean ports closed by Ukraine for navigation.


●      Ukrainian authorities used «titushkas» to fight Maidan activists, in order not to use the police.
●      The west started focused information preparations to some coming decisions, simultaneously launching evidence of several journalists of Russian APCs and militants crossing Ukrainian border. At the same time mounting forces to influence Russia with diplomatic means.
●      Combat actions are leading to the termination of the water pumping from the stopped Donbass coal mines, that could lead to massive flooding of territories, including big cities, and poisoning of the underground waters. Ecological problem of Donbass became aggravated.
●      World oil futures market experience steady prices decline.

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