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Daily Highlights- 14/08/2014


●      Verkhovna Rada declined to include into agenda any options of the election law with open lists. The law on elections funding  wasn’t adopted as well. The law on the gas transportation system (GTS) was adopted, giving an opportunity for companies with foreign capital from the EU and the US to operate gas transportation and accumulation processes, that in principle prohibits participation of Gasprom in the management of Ukrainian GTS. The law on taxation of enterprises within the free economic zone Crimea, was adopted in the second reading. The law on voluntary reunification of the territorial communities was sent for the second reading. The law on sanctions was adopted, providing opportunity for Ukraine to apply sanctions to foreign states, legal entities and physical persons from foreign countries and Ukraine, as well as to other subjects. The Parliament put into agenda the law on the prosecutors office, creating the office of the military  prosecutor. The law on lustration went through the first reading. The parliament went on vacations till the 2nd of September.
●      Nationa Bank of Ukraine (NBU) have slightly strengthened the exchange rate of the Ukrainian Hryvnya (UAH),but it is still very close to the level of historical minimum: 13.09 UAH / 1$ (+2 cop), 17.49 UAH / 1€ (+1 cop), 3.61 UAH / 10 RUR (+2 cop).
●      The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine stated the protest to the Russian Federation due to the fact of President Putin visiting the occupied Crimea.
●      Information of pro-Russian pronouncements, appeals to Ukrainian military to break an oath and on non recognition of the Holodomor, of the newly elected Arch Bishop of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church under the Moscow Patriarchate Onyfriy, spreads around the social conventional media.
●      Ukraerorukh will introduce special flight regimen over the Ukrainian territory for Russian companies previously flown over Crimea.


●      Christmas tree, dismantled on Maidan, will be transferred to the Maidan Museum, but museum creation haven’t yet been announced. Kyiv City State Administration previously decided not to put christmas trees on Maidan anymore.
●      City police conducts massive antiterrorists exercises due to numerous calls on civil building and transportation objects mining in Kyiv.

War in Ukraine

●      Ukrainian humanitarian convoy moved to Luhansk region and reached Starobilsk. Its being accompanied and distributed by the International Red Cross.
●      Donetsk being intensively shelled with mine throwers, artillery and multiple rocket launchers «Grad», terrorists used cassette bombs during the night shelling. 15 civilians killed, including 3 children, and 19 injured, during the artillery shelling of the bus station in Zugres. Only by official counts 74 civilians were killed in Donetsk region over the last three days. Pensions and social payments aren’t been paid on the territories controlled by terrorists.
●      Ukrainian army continue to advance to the terrorists strongholds on all fronts, cutting the supply routes for armor, ammunition and mercenaries to the resistance zones. Luhansk have been encircled, fights are ongoing on the outskirts of Gorlivka and Donetsk. British journalists evidenced invasion of Russian APCs to Ukraine in the border control checkpoint “Izvaryno”. OSCE observers evidence continuous move of armed men in military uniform through the “Gukovo” checkpoint. Russian military aircrafts continuously threaten Ukrainian airspace. 9 Ukrainian military killed and 18 wounded per official reports.
●      Gyrkin has left the position of Defense  Minister of the terrorist organization DPR. Chechen militants, fighting on the side of DPR, gave up as military prisoners in Gorlivka to the volunteer battalion Donbass.


●      The International Red Cross still haven’t got from Russia the information on the «humanitarian aid» content, that Russia is trying to deliver without Ukrainian permission through the non-controlled border checkpoint “Izvaryno”.
●      Russian President Putin, while meeting with cultural workers, answered to the question on ban of entry to Crimea for Cirmean Tatars leaders Dzemilev and Chubarov by saying that «he’ll not work with those, making PR on Crimean problems»
●      The Office of Prosecutor General of Georgia put ex-president Saakashvili into the general inquiry, accusing him in three criminal cases and selecting the measure of detention for the period of investigation.
●      The President of the European Commission and the President of Russia agreed on trilateral consultations between presidents of Russia, Ukraine and the EC on realization of the association agreement, gas supply and stabilization of situation in eastern Ukraine. President Poroshenko discussed over the phone with German Chancellor Merkel perspectives of resolution of the situation in Donbass. President of Belarus Lukashenko announced that Putin is ready to meet Poroshenko in Minsk on the Customs union meeting.

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