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Daily Highlights – 13/08/2014



  • Bishops of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church under Moscow Patriarchate elected the new Archbishop Onufriy, who’ve previously served as Bishop of Chernivtsi and Bykovyna and known for his pro-Russian position and being against the reunification of orthodox churches in Ukraine.

  • Ukrainian Government created special commission to defend Ukrainian interests in getting back the part of the property of former USSR belonging to the sovereign, aimed at audit of assets and liabilities of the former USSR and defense of Ukraine in the international courts.

  • Minister of Fuel & Energy Prodan reported that decision have been taken within the meeting of the Government on the order of implementation of the state of emergency in the electricity energy field due to absence of coal on stock of the thermal electricity stations as the result of combat operations, that could limit the export of electricity.

  • Official exchange rate of the Ukrainian Hryvnya (UAH) slightly stabilized, being at the level of historical minimum: 13.11 UAH / 1$ (+3 cop), 17.50 UAH / 1€ (+8 cop), 3.62 UAH / 10 RUR (+1 cop). Interbank Fx rate went down a bit as well as the spread since the opening go the trade session.

  • Advisor to Poroshenko, parliamentary Tomenko, stated on air at «Ukraine» TB channel, that parliamentary elections are being planned for 26th or 19th of October.

  • Prime Minister Yatsenuyk believe that Ukraine could manage situation without «humanitarian aid» from Russia, as items of first need are already being delivered to the liberated cities of Donbass. Minister of Internal Affairs Avacov stated that the convoy will not be admitted through Kharkiv region.

  • The Cabinet of Ministers created governmental office in charge of euro-integration, that will work on implementation of the association agreement with the EU.

  • Production of grain, meat and eggs grew in Ukraine during the first half of the year as per report from the State Statistic Agency.

  • Fuel prices grew up again on Ukrainian market, Antimonopoly Committee launched an investigation of sales termination from the petrol stations, belonging to the «Prival group», such as «ANP», «Avias» and «Ukrnafta».



  • Several anonymous calls on mining reached the Emergency Service, civilians were evacuated from the railway station and 6 shopping malls.

War in Ukraine

  • Ukrainian Armed Forces advance to the strongholds of terrorists, encircling rebel groups in big cities and areas – Stakhanov, Gorlivka, Donets’k, Luhans’k, Alchevsk, Snizhne, fights are ongoing on the outskirts. Gorske town have been taken under control with zero casualties.

  • Press center of the Anti-terrorist Operation reported that organized groups of provocateurs started to act in western parts of the country, aimed to spread panic among civilians.

  • Resinential areas of Donetsk, Gorlivka and Yenakyevo are still being shelled by terrorists with artillery, mine throwers and multiple rocket launchers «Grad», civilians are still being killed. Luhansk is without water and electricity supply for 11th day in a row. Yenakykyevo metallurgic plant stopped the production.

  • Refugees are coming back to the liberated cities of Donbass, water and electricity supply being relaunched, shops, nabs and educational facilities are functioning.


  • Electoral rating of Russian President Putin, as assessed by Levada-center, exceeded 50%, next to him are Zyuganov and Zhirinovsky.

  • Oil prices go down due to reported increase of production among OPEC member states and stocks accumulation by consumers, price of the Brent basket reached annual minimum, as reported by Reuters.

  • President Putin visited occupied Crimea and conducted the meeting of the government in Sevastopol.

  • From 15th of August, Russia will ban supply of alcoholic drinks and beer, produced by Ukrainian companies such as Obolon, Sun InBev Ukraine and Ukrainian Distribution Company.

  • As the result of telephone talks of President Poroshenko and the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, parties came to the decision on coordination of efforts of the Un and the International Red Cross for delivery of the humanitarian aid to the eastern Ukraine, suffering from military actions in compliance to international laws. Cargo of Russian «humanitarian aid» could be delivered only under mandate of the International red Cross, that haven’t yet received the information on its content.

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