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Daily Highlights- 12/08/2014


●      Ukrainian Parliament adopted in first reading the law on sanctions, that in specialists opinion looks to be even worse than the analogous one, enforced during the Yanukovych rule, limiting citizens rights and going against the constitution. Second reading of the law on sanctions and lustration are planned by Verkhovna Rada on August 14th. Law on tax free regime for the humanitarian aid for Ukrainian Army was as well adopted in the first reading. Verkhovna Rada created in Crimea free economic zone for 10 years with special functioning regime, management of the zone will be conducted by the state management company. Also, by the legislative means, parliament changed the justice proceedings, prejudicial inquiry, use of weapons and detention order of the subjects, engaged in terrorism, on the territory, where there are combat actions. None of the options of the law on elections, provided by various deputies fractions, including the one with open lists, failed to be supported by sufficient amount of votes.
●      Official exchange rate of the Ukrainian Hryvnya (UAH) continue to erode, the absolute minimum have been reached since UAH introduction: 13.14 UAH / 1$ (-32 cop), 17.58 UAH / 1€ (-41 cop), 3.64 UAH / 10 RUR (-12 cop). Fx rate fluctuated during the day in the range of: 12.90-13.60 UAH / 1$, 17.24-18.15 UAH/€. Chief of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) Gontareve speaking to Verkhovna Rada, insisted that no objective reasons do exist for the currency devaluation but its happening due to the panic on the market and anticipation of the sanctions effect on Ukrainian and Russian economics, having stressed as well that the balanced Fx rate is 11.5-11.9 UAH/$. Moreover set of urgent measures to react on the situation have been prepared and NBU is awaiting to receive the next part of the IMF stand-by credit, as well as is fully ready to react on banks speculation on the currency market.


●      Kyiv mayor Klitchko stated, that the carcass of the «bloody christmas tree» will be dismantled in the nearest future, with the budget funding and with donations support there will be a monument built for the heroes of the Heavens Hundred on Institutska street. He also claimed that all points of sales, without legal permissions, have been taken away from Khreshatyk street. Maidan activists stressed during press conference that the scene will be moved to the stella, with transparent tent standing nearby, serving as the civilian coordination center.
●      Another wave of false mining calls is back in Kyiv. This time the «Vokzalna» subway station have been evacuated and closed. Near the Verkhovna Rada, special forces battalion «Kyiv-1», captured a man with explosives.

War in Ukraine

●      Ukrainian Armed Forces liberated from terrorists Uglegorsk, Pervomayske, Kamyshevaha and Kalynovo, strong fights are ongoing for Krasny Lutch, as well as in Luhansk, Donetsk, Gorlivka and Ilovaysk. Ukrainian military steadily cut terrorist forces into separate encirclements, eliminating the supply routes. Kadyrovtsy shot the bus with the Right Sector soldiers near Donetsk.
●      Russia continue to shell from its territory Ukrainian cities and Ukrainian army strongholds, as well as provide militaries, armed vehicles, ammunition and arms through the part of uncontrolled Ukrainian border.
●      Terrorists are shelling residential areas of Donetsk, Yasinuvata, Luhansk, Gorlivka, Ilovaysk and Shakhtersk with artillery systems and mine throwers. In Donetsk, terrorists shell the city from the artillery, stationed on the truck and in the case of the children’s railroad. Numerous casualties have been reported among civilians. Many areas of the cities are cut of from the electricity supply, in Luhansk, where electricity and water supply are absent, epidemic risk is rather high. Terrorists impede man to leave the combat area. All cities with critical situation are being controlled by terrorists.
●      On the liberated territories terrorists are shooting military positions and transport with Ukrainian military, from civilian cars.


●      False «humanitarian aid» from Russia haven’t been agreed with the Red Cross but nevertheless, the convoy with 280 trucks is moving to Ukrainian border. Despite the demand from Ukrainian side, Russia states that reloading of the «aid» contained in these trucks, is not at all considered on the border. Photos of the convoy appeared in social networks showing its move on the route not agreed with Ukraine, purposely to deliver the «aid» through the part of the border not controlled by Ukrainian Armed Froces and border guards.
●      Police in Moscow broke up a rally near the Embassy of Ukraine, aimed to support Ukrainian Government efforts in defending country territorial integrity, as well as to send letters to relatives of killed Ukrainian military.
●      Russia launched military exercises on Kuril Islands, being treated by Japan as its territory.

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