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Daily Highlights- 09/08/2014


●      Lustration committee hold a meeting near Verkhovna Rada, urging deputies to adopt the Law on Lustration on the nearest session planned on August 12.

●      Supporters and opposers of Kharkiv mayor Kernes clashed on parallel strikes.


●      Common cleaning have been conducted on Maidan and most of tents have been dismantled despite activists opposed and fired tires. Mayor Klitchko took active part in the activity. Only scene, few tents and carcass of the christmas tree remained on Maidan, as well as block stones and tile, for further renovation of pedestrian areas.

War in Ukraine

●      Donetsk, Yasynuvata and Gorlivka have been strongly shelled with mine throwers and multiple rocket launchers «Grad». At least one civilian killed in Donetsk. Luhansk is badly balancing on the edge of humanitarian catastrophe.

●      Shelling of Konotop Air-Repair factory with mine throwers, haven’t made any critical damage, police launched an investigation of terrorist act.

●      Russia continue shelling Ukrainian military positions and cities with mine throwers, multiple rocket launchers «Grad» and flame throwers. In order to maximize the deadly impact, Russian wreckers use antipersonnel mines, prohibited under the Geneva convention. Russian military units and technique from various regions including Ural and Siberia, are being concentrated on Ukrainian border from Russian side.

●      Ukrainian Armed Forces are advancing the encirclement of Donetsk, terrorists are attempting to build stronghold in Stakhanov.

●      Severe fights are ongoing for the key terrorists stronghold Krasniy Luch town, satellite town Miusynsk have been taken over by Ukrainian army. Ukrainian Armed Forces as well take the control over the key height Saur Mohyla but it is being constantly shelled from the Russian side.


●      President Obama said in the interview to the New York Times that Putin can order to intervene into Ukraine, as Ukrainian Armed Forces are defeating Russian controlled terrorists and thus eliminates possibilities for peace talks. In a telephone talks with US Secretary of State Kerry, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Lavrov, have been trying to push for the «immediate actions to prevent humanitarian catastrophe in  eastern Ukraine». Germany Chancellor Merkel in a telephone talks with Ukrainian President Poroshenko, assured that entry of Russian «peacekeeping forces» to defend the humanitarian aid will be treated as an act of direct aggression, as any aid of the kind could be provided only by the UN or the Red Cross and only with prior validation with Ukraine. Vice President of the US Biden in telephone talks with President Poroshenko stressed that humanitarian aid could be delivered to Ukraine only through the border checkpoints controlled by Ukrainian side and no foreign military convoy is needed to accompany it. UN Secretary General stated that the organization is ready to provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

●      Press secretary of Russian President Peskov claimed that Putin is not intending to put further sanctions against the West if EU and US will not escalate the pressure towards Russia.

●      Turkey to hold presidential elections on Sunday, August 10th. Current Prime Minister being claimed to be the favorite candidate.

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