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Daily Highlights – 08/08/2014


●      In response to the strong Russian military convoy with a «humanitarian mission», ostensibly agreed with the Red Cross, approached border of Ukraine, Ministry of Foreign affairs of Ukraine stressed that any attempt to interfere into Ukrainian internal affairs under the pretext of «peacekeeping forces» to «defend the humanitarian mission» will be treated by Ukraine as aggression. The country is fully capable to manage any humanitarian issues with the assistance of western partners and the Red Cross. US representative stressed at the UN Security Council meeting that unilateral entry of Russian «peacekeepers» to Ukraine will be treated by the US as invasion with all forthcoming consequences. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UK called Russia to abstain from  «humanitarian intervention» to Ukraine.
●      As reported by the Minister of Justice Petrenko, Ukraine is supposed to submit the legal suit on Russia to the International UN court in accusation for financing and support of terrorism in eastern Ukraine.
●      President Poroshenko approved extension of the age limit for overall population of citizens subject to call-up for military services up to 60 years and for higher ranked officers up to 65 years.
●      Ukrainian Government prepared the list for sectoral sanctions against Russia, including 65 enterprises and 172 citizens of Russia. Sanctions should be enacted by the law that Verkhovna Rada aims to adopt on August 12. Possible measures could include termination of the gas transit and no-fly zone for Russian aviation over the territory of Ukraine.
●      National Bank of Ukraine once again strongly devaluated Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH): 12.60 UAH/ 1$ (-15 cop), 16.85 UAH / 1€ (-22 cop), 3.48 UAH / 10 RUR (-3 cop). Quotes fluctuated during the day within the following range: 12,50-12,71 UAH / 1$, 16,74-17,02 UAH / 1€. Devaluation of the local currency reached 8% in two consecutive weeks, that is the strongest one since april when historical minimum of 12,97 UAH / 1$ was reached.
●      Ukrzaliznitsya will increase prices for the railroad tickets by 10% from August 8th, excluding 1st class cars and Intercity trains. The next price increase is being planned from the 1st of October.
●      Ukrainian Government will create the registry of burial places of Ukrainian military, killed during the Antiterrorist operation. All families of deceased will receive 609 thousands UAH from the reserve fund.


●      Kyiv authorities continued to dismantle barricades on Maidan despite the protests from activists. Mayor Klitchko said in the air of «Shuster Live» that agreement have been reached with Maidan activists to free the city center for car traffic. Police opened criminal investigation on the fact of offense to the city community services. Traffic part of Maidan have been cleared for transport passage.

War in Ukraine

●      Local battles took place on the outskirts of Donetsk, Ukrainian military once again gained control over Maryinka. Donetsk and Gorlovka being constantly shelled by terrorists with heavy artillery and multiple rocket launchers «Grad», numerous casualties have been reported among civilians. As the result of these shillings 7th and 9th hospitals are damaged in Luhansk, banks are closed, as well as almost all enterprises and factories, fuel supply fully disrupted, situation is critical.
●      Deputy of the Secretary general of UN Shimonovich, during the UN Security Council meeting, reported on facts of kidnapping and tortures, use of civilians as the live shield, creation by terrorists of the fear and terror atmosphere among civilians within the eastern regions of Ukraine being controlled by terrorists.
●      Terrorists transferred 7 Ukrainian children with cerebral paralysis from Luhansk orphanage to Russia via border checkpoint «Izvarino».
●      Security Service of Ukraine massively capture subversive groups within the territories liberated from terrorists. Usually, such groups are composed of Ukrainian citizens, recruited by Russian intelligence and trained in Russia.
●      Russia continue to supply terrorists with armed technique and artillery systems through the non controlled sectors of Ukrainian border.


●      Security Service of Ukraine transferred to international experts evidence of Russian plans of terrorist attack on Aeroflot airplane as the pretext for direct aggression into Ukraine.
●      Canada provided to Ukrainian border guards military and technical aid – flack jackets, caskets, tents, food packages and ballistic glasses.
●      Russian court arrested 5 Ukrainian officers of 72nd paratroopers brigade, forced to enter Russian territory due to the cross-fire. Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stressed that this act is being treated by Ukraine as the act of taking hostages. Ukraine is fully ready to address the issue of release of Ukrainian militaries, illegally captured and detained in Russia, in international courts if it wont be solved via diplomatic means.
●      Australia is ready to terminate uranium supply to Russia, as a part of sanctions, enforced due to the annexation of Crimea and support of terrorism in eastern Ukraine.
●      Unanimous access to wireless networks have been prohibited in Russia, as stated in the bill signed by Prime Minister Medvedyev.
●      Belarus and Ukraine cancelled all previously existing limitations within bilateral trade.

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