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Daily Highlights – 07/08/2014


●      President Poroshenko signed the resignation of the National Security and Defense Council Secretary Parubiy.
●      National Bank continued to devaluate Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH): 12.45 UAH/ 1$ (-10 cop), 16.63 UAH / 1€ (-9 cop), 3.45 UAH / 10 RUR. Quotes ranged during the day: 12,40-12,63 UAH / 1$ 16,59-16,85 UAH / 1€.
●      National Bank of Ukraine instructed Ukrainian banks to suspend all kinds of financial transactions in territories, not controlled by Ukrainian authorities.
●      Foreign currency reserves of the National Bank of Ukraine in July decreased by 6% to $ 16.07 billion. Decrease is related to servicing of the sovereign debt.
●      Presidential branch of state administration, including public administrations, is aiming to switch to e-governance till the end of the year, as part of a set of reforms needed for EU membership – said president Poroshenko on the reforms committee meeting.
●      Kharkov Mayor Kernes have been once again put under house arrest, as investigation against him resumed after temporarily pause during his treatment after an assassination attempt.
●      State Duma deputy leader of the LDPR, Zhirinovsky, have been officially summoned to Ukraine to be arrested based on the decision of the Pechersky Court of Kyiv.


●      Employees of public services with the support of battalion “Kyiv-1” attempted to remove the tents and barricades from Maidan and release the main street on Kreschatyk. Maidan activists set tires on fire and were able to protect tents in the center of the area, as well as reinforced some barricades. “Right sector” spoke strongly against forced dispersal, stressing being ready to mediate the negotiations with the activists. Evening Viche claimed that weapons, Russian passports and gold, found earlier by police were flipped by police.

War in Ukraine

●      Terrorists shot off Ukrainian ambulance helicopter and MIG-29 fighter jet in the combat area, presumably with anti-missile system «BUK».
●      Majority of international experts, examining the crash site of MH17 flight, were forced to leave Ukraine without completing the investigation due to constant shelling by terrorists.
●      Security Services head Nalyvaychenko, stressed at press conference that Russia planned to invade Ukraine on July 18, after Aeroflot plane flying from Moscow to Larnaca should have been shot in the sky over the Ukraine, but due to an error terrorists hit Malaysian plane that thwart plans of Putin.
●      Terrorists shelled Donetsk, Luhansk and Gorlovka with artillery and “Grad” missiles, destructions and civilian casualties were reported. Ukrainian troops are fighting on the outskirts of Donetsk and Luhansk.
●      Russia continues to supply terrorists with tanks, armored vehicles, artillery and ammunition across the border areas not controlled by the Ukrainian military.
●      Soldiers of the 79th Brigade, who kept defense of the border with Russia in Luhansk region have been withdrawn from encirclement. Several militaries of the 72nd Brigade, forced to cross the border and enter Russian because of constant cross-firing from Russian army and terrorists, are still kept by force on the territory of the Russian Federation, five officers are still under arrest by the Russian police.
●      Luhansk city mayor, associated with terrorists and responsible for organization of a “referendum” on separation from Ukraine, have been detained by Battalion “Aydar”. Shevchenkivsky district court of Kiev confirmed detention for 2 months for the time of investigation for “Director of the Public Relations Department” of DPR Bloha on charges of terrorist organization establishment.


●      At a meeting with the Head of the Verkhovna Rada Turchynov NATO Secretary General said that NATO stops cooperation with Russian Federation, strengthens collective defense for the protection of all NATO members and called on Russia to stop supporting terrorists in eastern Ukraine. He also said that NATO would not supply arms to Ukraine, as this is what individual countries of the Union are engaged in. Ukraine have been invited to the NATO summit in September in Wales.
●      The leader of the Crimean Tatars Mustafa Dzhemilyov believes that Crimea could remain under Russian control until the end of Putin’s presidency.
●      Russian government imposed a total ban on supply of beef, pork, poultry, fish, cheese, milk, fruits and vegetables from Australia, Canada, the EU, the USA and Norway for a period of one year pursuant to a decree signed by President Putin – said Prime Minister Medvedev at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Russian Federation.

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