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Daily Highlights – 05/08/2014


●      Pechersky District Court of Kyiv, based on the evidence submitted by the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, decided to arrest citizens of Russian Federation Zyuganov, Zhirinovsky, Shoigu, Tymchenko and Malofeeva for financing of terrorism and incitement to violate the territorial integrity of Ukraine.
●      National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) continue sharp devaluation of the national currency: 12.29 UAH / 1$ (-11 cop), 16.50 UAH / € (-19 cop), 3.45 UAH / 10 RUB 10 (-4 cop).During the day quotes fluctuated within the following ranges: 12,25-12,52 UAH / 1$ 16,39-16,70 UAH / 1€. NBU went on a stock exchange, but this haven’t brought down excessive demand for foreign currencies. The regulator explains the spike by political instability of the last week and hopes to replenish currency reserves from coming sales of agricultural producers.Market traders worked out applications for foreign currency purchases from July 31.
●      President Poroshenko appointed former secretary of the National Security & Defense Council, served during Kuchma times Vladimir Gorbulin, as director of the National Institute for Strategic Studies.
●      The state has decided to increase the capital of “Naftogaz” by 63 billion UAH to 96.6 billion UAH, ie three times, through issue of additional shares and confirmed state ownership. Financing of the transactions will be done through the exchange of sovereign bonds with a yield no higher than 14.3% per annum.
●      A biosphere national park could be created at the territory of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, for nearly 30 years of unaffected by human activities and partially contaminated with radionuclides, said at a press briefing Ecology Minister of Ukraine Mohnik.
●      Ukrainian Government created the State Service of Crimea and displaced persons.


●      Kyiv mayor Klitchko confirmed that new heads of city districts administrations have been defined and will be soon appointed.

War in Ukraine

●      DPR and LPR terrorists are shelling positions of Ukrainian Army with multiple rocket launchers “Grad” and artillery, attempting to escape from encirclement .Russian artillery support  them with fire from Russian territory.
●      Fights are ongoing in the suburbs of Donetsk and Maryinka. Western part of the city and railway market have been shelled, leading to casualties from civilians. Civilians continue to be killed from terrorists shelling of residential areas in Gorlovka, Shakhtersk, Luhansk. Watter supply channel Seversky Donets – Donbass have been once again shot from operations due to destruction of the power-station in Mayorsk. Ukrainian army left Yasinuvata.
●      Part of international experts continued to investigate the MH17 flight crash site, despite the threats from terrorists, but stayed there only for two hours. Ukrainian army doesn’t conduct any activity in the 20-kilometer zone around the crash site.
●      Ukrainian military, have been forced to retreat to the territory of Russia after the cross-firing by the militants and the army of the Russian Federation, during the return to Ukraine they were attacked by terrorists, but escaped with no casualties.
●      MTS-Ukraine customers have been cut from mobile communication in occupied Crimea.
●      Russia has focused invasion forces along the entire state border with Ukraine and in Crimea, and conducts large-scale exercises in the immediate vicinity of the border, according to the “Information resistance” group here are about 12 thousand Russian mercenaries in Ukraine. Pentagon confirms growth of the Russian Armed Forces and military equipment on the border with Ukraine.


●      According to an official statement by the UN Committee for Refugees, as of August 1, number of internally displaced persons in Ukraine exceeded 117,000 people, more than 168,000 have crossed the border of Russia. However, the committee observed the opposite trend as well – tens of thousands of peopler are coming back to their former places of permanent residence after their cities and towns have been  liberated from terrorists. Situation is very difficult in Donetsk, Luhansk and Gorlovka, abandoned by hundreds of thousands of people.
●      According to Radio “Liberty” Moldova urges Russia to comply with the decision of the OSCE Summit of 1999 and withdraw troops from Transnistria.
●      Switzerland has introduced sanctions against those from the inner circle of President Putin, the list generally follows the list of sanctions adopted by the EU.
●      No decision have been made, despite Russian pressure, at an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council convened by Russia on the proposal of its “humanitarian aid” eastern Ukraine.

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