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Daily Highlights – 04/08/2014


●      Notification of resignation of the Secretary of the National Security & Defense Council shared by Ukrainian online media, have been refuted.
●      President Poroshenko cancelled orders, issued by the former presidents during 1992-2010 years, on life-long social security and protection of former officials, as well as a number of benefits transferred to the generals in reserve and justice officials.
●      After a marginal stabilization on Friday, National Bank of Ukraine sharply decreased the Fx rate of UAH vs major currencies: 12.18 UAH / 1$ (-22 cop), 16.31 UAH / 1€ (-31 cop) and 3.41 UAH / 10 RUR (-4 cop). During the market session, quotes ranged in 12,28-12,50 UAH / 1$ and 16,48-16,77 UAH / 1€.
●      Security Service of Ukraine asked the Internet Association of Ukraine to block of Internet resources related to terrorism and advocating war, ethnic hatred and challenging the constitutional order of the country.
●      Governor of Kherson Odarchenko said at a press conference that he asked the National Security & Defense Council and the President to introduce the martial law in the region due to sharp activation of forces, destabilizing the situation and disrupting the mobilization.
●      Ministry of Finance agrees with the initiative of civil society activists, helping military and temporary migrants, to cancel 17% tax on charity, and is fully ready to submit a bill amending the Tax Code to Verkhovna Rada after completion of project assessment.
●      Adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs Gerashchenko said at a briefing in the Ukrainian crisis media center that Ukraine is preparing a list of Russian financial institutions, officials and celebrities, openly supporting aggression in eastern Ukraine and annexation of Crimea, for further sanctions and ban on their entry into the country, despite possible major consequences for the economy.
●      Experts are in favor of introduction of the martial law in certain regions of Ukraine and are not advocating to hold parliamentary elections in wartime.


●      Kyiv mayor Klitchko asked city administration to create and maintain a registry of the city entities for investment and financing from the state budget.
●      Kyivenergo almost completely cut hot water supply due to lack of gas and maintenance works on the networks. Mayor Klitchko promised to solve the problem by early autumn. Civil activists demand city administration to disclose documents of the Kyivenergo privatization, its related enterprises and value chain structure of the services provided.

War in Ukraine

●      According to the MH17 catastrophe investigation commission, international experts were able to work on the crash site only for just one and a half hours, as terrorists refused to provide them with access for a long time. They’ll continue the mission on Tuesday. Ukrainian army doesn’t perform any military actions near the crash site, experts are accompanied to the crash site by the militants.
●      Ukrainian volunteer battalions “Azov” and “Shakhtersk”, after the liberation of Marinka, advanced to Donetsk, where suffered heavy losses.
●      Russia strongly reinforced transfer of mercenaries and delivery of military equipment through the non protected section of the border with Ukraine and is constantly shelling Ukrainian troops from its territory.
●      Ukrainian troops complete encirclement of Donetsk, advanced and liberated Yasinovata and Maryinka.
●      Zaporozhye court released all soldiers of the 51st Brigade, accused of desertion and forced to move to Russia after the cross fire. Soldiers should stay on the territory of their unit for the whole duration of investigation.
●      According to the National Security & Defense Council and “Information resistance” group, Russia focused on Ukrainian border and in Crimea five battle-strike invasive groups of up to 42 000 people, as well as announced large-scale exercises, involving more than 100 aircrafts on Ukrainian border from 4 to 8 August.
●      Antiterrorist operation forces announced opening of humanitarian corridors to evacuate civilians from the conflict zone in Donetsk, Gorlovka and Luhansk.
●      Ukrainian army units, that suffered heavy losses from militants and Russian army cross-fire, were forced to withdraw from the territory close to Krasnopartyzans’k, exploding armored vehicles, part of militaries were forced to go to Russian territory.
●      Electricity and water supply, internet and mobile communications are again not working in Luhans’k, in Donets’k in some areas are cut off the electricity supply.


●      In connection with the events in eastern Ukraine and annexation of Crimea, Japan, followed Europe and the United States and announced sanctions against the Russian Federation, that include import restrictions, freezing of assets of individuals and entities, and refusal of visas to certain groups of Russian and other countries citizens, however, the list haven’t yet been officially disclosed.
●      White House spokesman Ernest said that the U.S. doesn’t experience Russia’s actions to de-escalate the conflict in eastern Ukraine and cutting support for terrorists.
●      Russian billionaire Timchenko, one of Putin’s closest supporters who faced recently introduced sanctions, said that softening of Russian position towards Ukraine is not being considered.
●      Russian low cost airline Dobrolet, that is subject to EU and US sanctions, canceled flights to the Crimea.
●      Russia threatened to block the Russian BBC web site for refusal to withdraw the notice of the march for the federalization of Siberia and interview with activist Artem Loskutovym.


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