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Daily Highlights – 03/08/2014


●      “The Minister of Information Policy” of DPR, Bloha have been detained in Mariupol while trying to flee to Crimea. She is being accused of participation in terrorist organization and transmission of information on Ukrainian activists and journalists of Donetsk to terrorists.

●      The territory of Kharkiv tank plant was shelled with flamethrower, police classified the event as a terrorist attack.


●      On traditional Viche, held on Maidan, activists took opposed of holding a military parade on Khreschatyk and announced creation of the “parliamentary hundred”, whose main task will be to control the composition of renewed Verkhovna Rada and public discussion of lists of candidates.

War in Ukraine

●      Experts from the Netherlands, Malaysia and Australia examined one of the five sectors of the MH17 flight crash site and found new remains of the dead. Expert will continue their work for several weeks. Terrorists are not willing to give back personal belongings, collected at the crash site. Also, experts are prohibited from using of drones to survey the crash site. According to the preliminary findings of the commission, decrypting the data of the “black boxes»,no emergency situation took place on board of the aircraft until the moment of explosion.

●      Situation in Donetsk remains tense but not critical, no serious fighting took place, power supply restored. 1 civilian killed and 16 injured after the night shelling of Gorlivka, the situation is undercontrol. 3 civilians killed and 8 injured from shelling and gun shots in Luhansk during the day, electricity and water supply have been partially restored.

●      Zaporozhye military court released soldiers of the 51st Brigade on personal commitments until the next hearings due by next week. After continuous cross fire from terrorists and shelling from Russian artillery, soldiers had been forced to enter territory of Russia and went back to Ukraine, facing accusations of desertion.

●      Russia continues shelling of Ukrainian territory, in close cooperation with terrorists 10 tanks and several vehicles with ammunition have been transferred across the border and moved in the direction of Donetsk. Terrorists shelled positions and checkpoints of Ukrainian army and Luhansk airport, clashes took place in Shakhtersk and Chervonopartyzansk.


●      According to the Minister of Economy of Switzerland, Schneider-Ammann, the country would not impose sanctions against Russia, remaining a neutral party to the conflict, and serving as amediator.

●      As a result of the violent conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan over Nagorny-Karabakh, 15 people have been killed.

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