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Russian special services set up clandestine agent network to create “Odesa People’s Republic”

The agent network numbered about 50 persons. Everyone had a separate assigned role in orchestrating the mutiny, including forcible take-over by militant groups, geared up and waiting for a Russia’s nod.

Law enforcers have already detained the organizer of the subversive group, Russian citizen, Olexander Yakymenko, and his Ukrainian accomplice Yurii Trofimov.

The criminals intended to involve seven armed groups for subversive attacks on key facilities in Odessa region. They also prepared for the acts of terror against public officials and foreigners.

Seized detainees’ inventory included Russia-printed intelligence guidelines, detailed ground maps with marked regional military and strategic facilities, data on protection systems, lists of local militants and their handles, comprehensive subversive tasks.

Law officers seized financial documents yet again proving Russia’s involvement, as well as cash receipts.

Further search at personal premises unveiled weapons (service and traumatic guns, ammo rounds).


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