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DMITRY TYMCHUK: President of Ukraine Chooses the Right Option

The President of Ukraine had two options–to continue the ATO [anti-terrorist operation] in its active phase, and the wrong option. Fortunately for Ukraine, he chose the former.

Every day of the ceasefire, whatever political significance it might have had, in militarily planning it strengthened the position of the terrorists, if not dramatically, then very noticeably. In addition to increasing their military capabilities through the delivery of Russian mercenaries and weapons (including heavy armor), the militants had a unique opportunity to conduct a coordination of their groups in almost ideal conditions.

In particular, there was the formation of Russian mercenaries, crews of armored vehicles, and artillery crews (including “Grad” MLRS). But even in the recruitment of experienced mercenaries, amongst the recruited groups there was no combat coordination, which dramatically reduced the level of combat readiness of such groups.

With the ceasefire in Donbas, with which only the ATO forces were complying, the terrorists got a great opportunity to bring about some consistency–on the one hand, on the battlefield, and on the other, with minimal risk and losses.

A continued truce would have allowed terrorists to dramatically increase the combat readiness of their groups, to carry out follow-up activities on the equipment positions in their strongholds, and conduct other activities in preparation for further confrontation.

We became fully convinced of the fact that they did not have a thought for peaceful dialogue. There were over a hundred terrorist attacks in the 10 days of the ceasefire, 27 of our guys were killed–this is “peace” according to Putin and his vassals in Donbas.

Meanwhile, Russia has made every effort to provide the ideal conditions for training the terrorists it manages for a further escalation of the conflict in Donbas. In order to force Kyiv to extend the ceasefire, the Kremlin began to promise some measures to strengthen the protection of the border between Russia and Ukraine.

And this is after a continuous flow of mercenaries and weapons from Russia to Ukraine over a long period of time. What prevented Putin, if he was truly interested in peace, from giving such promises (and, more importantly, to act) is not June 30th, the last day of the armistice, but the ten days before, on the day of its inception? Only then could we talk about Russia’s desire to put out the fire, whose flames it instead fans successfully.

And that’s why the train has left the station. Russia and its thugs in Ukraine had every opportunity to meet Kyiv in peaceful dialogue and lay down their arms. They categorically rejected this possibility.

Ukraine must protect itself, and that’s what it is doing. This is its sacred right. Nothing provokes violence more, than a demonstration of the inability to confront it. If Ukraine wants to survive–it must act. It has no other choice.

Dmitry Tymchuk, Coordinator, Information Resistance

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine


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