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DMITRY TYMCHUK: Number of Russian troops on Ukrainian border

According to operational data from Information Resistance, as of July 4, 2014, the following Russian troop formations are currently located near the state border of Ukraine:


Across from Donetsk Oblast:

personnel                                                         approx. 7,600

tanks                                                                approx. 40

armored fighting vehicles (AFVs)                      approx. 480

artillery                                                            approx. 130

airplanes                                                          59

helicopters                                                       41


Across from Luhansk Oblast:

personnel                                                         approx. 4,100

tanks                                                                approx. 10

armored fighting vehicles (AFVs)                      approx. 250

artillery                                                            approx. 40

airplanes                                                          51

helicopters                                                       18


Across from Kharkiv Oblast:

personnel                                                        approx. 7,600

tanks                                                               approx. 40

armored fighting vehicles (AFVs)                     approx. 480

artillery                                                           approx. 130

airplanes                                                         60

helicopters                                                      39


Russian troops on the territory of Belarus:

personnel                                                        approx. 2,600

tanks                                                               approx. 30

armored fighting vehicles (AFVs)                     approx. 120

artillery                                                           approx. 40

airplanes                                                         41

helicopters                                                      20


Russian troops in Transnistria:

personnel                                                       approx. 3,000

armored fighting vehicles (AFVs)                    approx. 30


On the occupied territory of Crimea:

personnel                                                       approx. 22,000

tanks                                                              approx. 30

armored fighting vehicles (AFVs)                     approx. 300

artillery                                                           approx. 130

airplanes                                                        32

helicopters                                                     55

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine


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