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Summary – July 4, 2014

The bad news:

1. The SBU [Security Service of Ukraine] claims that the joke-of-a-people’s-deputy Oleg Tsaryov personally helped an advisor to Russian President Putin plan the annexation of Crimea. 

With Tsaryov everything is clear. He needs a good rope and a lamppost. But if the aggressor was and is being helped by some of our “elected representatives,” it’s no wonder Putin so cleanly chopped off a piece of Ukraine.

Obviously, the question of early elections to the Rada [Ukrainian Parliament] is getting more critical. On the other hand, where is the guarantee that some new scum won’t again crawl into the new composition of Parliament?

2. Today, we, the IR group, documented a convoy of military equipment in the vicinity of the state border with Ukraine, across from Luhansk Oblast [region]. The convoy included 3 tanks, 3 “Grad” MLRS and several armored vehicles [APCs].

Crews of these combat vehicles, consisting of Russian military, left the convoy unguarded when they arrived at the border, and left by cars.

Where these tanks and “Grad” will end up tomorrow (or even today), is clear to everyone. This is to add to the previous issue of the [Ukrainian] border closure.

3. Russia is conducting large-scale [military] exercises in the Black Sea “in conditions maximally close to real combat.” Their goal is clear–to intimidate both Ukraine and the NATO forces who are also conducting exercises in Black Sea waters.

On the other hand, the fact that Moscow perceives the NATO exercises as being in support of Kyiv–is very good.

Although, in the Russian strategists’ place, I’d rather be working out the options for the emergency withdrawal of the occupying troops from Crimea. You know, just in case.

The good news:

1. The RNBO [National Security and Defense Council] has reported that since the beginning of the ATO in Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts, 17 settlements were freed from insurgents, and 23 out of 36 raions [districts] are now under the Ukrainian flag. 13 of them are in Donetsk Oblast and 10 are in Luhansk Oblast.

Whomever else says that terrorists are in control of Donbas is welcome to a session with a psychologist to retrieve a more adequate perception of reality.

2. The ATO forces freed the village of Mykolayivka in Donetsk Oblast today.

It would seem there’s not much there of that Mykolayivka. But in fact, two major algorithms were clearly and brilliantly worked out in this particular operation.

The first algorithm is an intricate piece of work to block and release a village occupied by terrorists with minimal risk to civilians. Russia, frothing with saliva at the Ukrainian ATO, in a similar situation would simply wipe a village like it somewhere in the Caucasus off the face of the earth, and let it burn. Our guys have proven that they can operate effectively without a bloodbath. Honor and praise go to them for it.

The second algorithm is the close cooperation between the Army and the National Guard. Ideally, the ATO should be carried out exactly like the operation to liberate Mykolayivka was carried out today. This is a very valuable experience.

3. The SBU opened a criminal case against the head of news agency “Russia Today’s” Dmitry Kiselev under the [Criminal Code] Article “Financing of terrorism, ‘to facilitating terrorist activities.’” Also, a criminal case was initiated against the Head of the Russian FSB Border Control Service, Vladimir Kulishov, for funding and supporting terrorism, illegal arms delivery to Ukraine. Called also were a number of names of Russian officials involved in the organization and support of terrorism.

These are the criminal cases [opened against] real criminals, with whose assistance Donbas is currently in flames, in response to the fake suits brought in Russia against Ukrainian public officials. Although the SBU could have avoided waiting for I-don’t-know-what, and started moving much earlier. But better late…

Especially since these names are [just] the beginning of a very long list. Which should undoubtedly be headed by the main terrorist, Putin.

4. The Communist faction has left the session hall of the Rada, allegedly due to a violation of Parliamentary rules by the Speaker. As in, they were not allowed to speak and “substantiate” something.

The Parliament expressed its hope that these Putin accomplices no longer return to the session hall.

Let’s all join in on this prognosis. And wish our Communists a swift tailwind from Zyuganov [Head of Russian Communist Party] on the backs of their necks.

Dmitry Tymchuk, Coordinator, Information Resistance

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine


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