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Summary – July 22, 2014

The bad news:

1. Behind every report about another settlement being liberated by ATO forces lie great efforts, hard work, and the most dreadful, the blood of our boys. The insurgents keep resisting like crazed and cornered rats.

The situation in the border areas is very difficult. Here, as we know, our [soldiers] are waging war on two fronts–against terrorists and Russian mercenaries, and against Russian troops–constantly drawing fire from the territory of the Russian Federation. More precisely, [Ukrainians] cannot respond to the fire so as not to give Putin a reason to accuse Ukraine of aggression and then start an open invasion.

I won’t argue whether it’s right or not–not to respond to the fire from Putin’s scumbags, who shoot in the old NKVD-style, in the back, while feeling their total impunity. But I know that none of our boys who are heroically holding the defense there, will ever again call Putin’s Russia a “friend.” As with any of us, who have retained our ability to think and feel.

2. Russia continues to drag its troops to the border with Ukraine.

Moscow redeploys its personnel, weapons and equipment already from the Trans-Baikal and Far East military districts. It’s quite possible that some of these fighters will be running around Donbas tomorrow. Along with tanks and Grads.

The Kremlin is ready to unleash its military might on Ukraine. But the July 2014 edition of the Ukrainian army is far from what we had back in March. Putin and his hordes can now only impress the mummy of Grandpa Lenin in his Mausoleum [on Red Square in Moscow], but not the nation which is breaking the Moscow hyena’s spine in Donbas today.

3. The EU for the umpteenth time has postponed the introduction of new sanctions against Russia. That is, for now, Europeans will only work up “instructions on the elaboration of possible further sanctions against Russia.” At the same time, France announced that despite everything, it would deliver “Mistrals” to Putin.

In Ukraine, there are disputes saying, so what is wrong with the fact that the French “Mistrals” will end up in Russia? The answer is obvious. Yes, it will not directly affect the course of events in Donbas. But it is a powerful political act, which is negative both for us, and for Europe. It means that not all European rulers realize the extent of the threat, since they are ready to hand over serious offensive weapons to the Kremlin.

And it is especially strange to observe such steps from the French, who just 70 years ago used to scrub the occupiers’ toilets for a piece of strudel. How quickly are the history lessons forgotten, which teach [people] to be more careful about spitting upon their own safety.

Fortunately, those who are like [François] Hollande are singularities in Europe. The EU has finally begun to realize with whom they are dealing.

The good news:

1. ATO forces freed Severodonetsk and Popasnaya [Luhansk Oblast].

Comments are not needed here. Every Ukrainian flag waving over a Ukrainian city or village instead of a Russian, or “not-quite-Russian” (as in “DNR” and “LNR” [Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics]), flag is a triumph of justice.

2. Putin began to moan today, saying that Russia must “fully and expediently implement measures to enhance its defense capability due to increased NATO troops near the border.”

This butcher continues to scare his Russian flock with threats from the outside. As in, there is no direct threat, but we must fear and prepare [our] response (overall, one can only wonder about Putin’s verbiage–if there is no threat, what is there to respond to then?). Although today there is only one threat in Europe–it is Putin himself, which is obvious to every last gopher in the Alpine meadows.

But if the Kremlin ghoul is so afraid of NATO–it means he truly thinks that there is a power in the world to stop his bloody march. I hope he is afraid of it for good reason.

3. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine [Parliament], following the President’s lead, called upon the international community to recognize the “LNR” and “DNR” as terrorist organizations.

Because of the abundance of “little sent over Cossacks,” our parliament has for very long been a weak link in the national security system. If the pro-Russian forces are now finally neutralized, and the state consolidates with civil society against a common threat–this will be an undeniable strategic success.

4. Trying to justify their deliberate defeat, the little Russian fighters are employing every means possible [to explain themselves].

The so-called “prime minister” of the terrorist organization DNR, [Alexander] Borodai, claimed that in fact they are waging war not only with Ukraine, but also…with NATO. As in, the terrorists are forced to fight “against an army, for whom a huge mass of mercenaries are fighting from different countries, from Poland, from all over Europe.”

Presumably, when the next reinforcement of mercenaries from Caucasia brings a new batch of drugs, Borodai will suddenly realize that not only Europe and NATO are fighting for Ukrainians, but also the Intergalactic Fleet of Martians. We are looking forward to a protest note from the Russian Foreign Ministry to the Government of Mars.

Dmitry Tymchuk, Coordinator, Information Resistance

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine


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