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The Major-general’s Buddy-Bribe-Giver threatens Prosecutor with “Right Sector”

According to operational data from Information Resistance, yesterday’s detention in Kyiv of the Major-general, the Deputy Chairman of the State Service of Emergency Situations, has resulted in an unexpected turn of events today.

As is publicly known, the Major-general was arrested for taking bribes. Today, the fellow who gave a bribe (a citizen by the name of Chaliyenko) was summoned to the Darnytsia District Prosecutor’s office in Kyiv. Upon his arrival at the Prosecutor’s office and learning that he would be held liable in accordance with Ukrainian legislation, the briber was able to jump out of the Prosecutor’s office and locked himself in a car.

While locked in the car, the nimble citizen began to threaten the employees of the Prosecutor’s office with intervention from “Right Sector” and several MPs.

After his phone calls, representatives of the local self-defense did indeed really arrive at the scene. After familiarizing themselves with the events and examining the documents provided by law enforcement officers, the activists fully supported the law enforcement and didn’t intervene in the situation.

Currently, the briber who locked himself in the car remains there, prolonging his siege.

Dmitry Tymchuk, Coordinator, Information Resistance

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine


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