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Events in Southern Ukraine May 2–4, 2014

The “Southern” scenario forced through by terrorists and managed by Russia, goes according to Moscow’s plan. As forecast, the situation in Odesa is completely destabilized.

The tragic events in Odesa, provoked by pro-Russian extremists, also became possible because of the actions and [Russian loyalist] position of the Odesa police.

The fact is that for many weeks, local pro-Russian forces have regularly performed provocations against the patriotic [pro-Ukrainian] population. At that time, local law enforcement officers showed a complete inaction in the best of circumstances, in the worst–they actively supported the pro-Russian extremists.

The events of May 2nd began with provocations by pro-Russian separatists. It was they who attacked unarmed Ukrainian activists. It was they who killed civilians advocating the unity of Ukraine. And all of the subsequent events were caused by these very murders.

Odesa police have exhibited scandalous and unacceptable behavior in these conditions. We have evidence that on May 2, while pro-Russian separatists were preparing for provocations, local law enforcement received detained pro-Russian extremists. By the order of the local police commanders, these extremists were immediately released.

During clashes, Odesa police provided security [cover] to pro-Russian terrorists, who could freely shoot Ukrainian patriots from behind the backs of the policemen.

Only after this bloody separatist Bacchanalia supported by the police, patriotic citizens moved to action and drove pro-Russian separatists inside the House of Trade Unions. From there, they barricaded themselves and continued to fire at unarmed citizens.

We hope that the investigation will establish exactly what happened at the Trade Unions House, and what caused the fire that killed many people. But we have every reason to believe that the responsibility for this tragedy lies entirely on those who originally initiated the events of May 2 in Odesa, and those who instead of performing their duties as law enforcement, offered such direct support and assistance to criminals.

At the same time, during the events of May 4 when Odesa police, “by the decision of the Prosecutor’s office in Odesa oblast,” released the detained instigators of the bloody events “at the request of protesters,” this indicates that the Odesa law enforcement officers are not going to stop their criminal activity in aiding and abetting terrorists.

We would like to emphasize the role of the Prosecutor’s office in these events. According to the Interior Ministry leadership, extremists that were detained in Odesa last night, were supposed to be escorted to Kyiv, but remained in Odesa on the personal order of the Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine.

We want to remind Ukrainian authorities that these events are only a “warm-up” of pro-Russian terrorists before May 9th. If you don’t take immediate action today (including personal responsibility over law enforcement and the leadership of the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s

Office and the Prosecutor’s Office in Odesa oblast)­–tomorrow these current tragic events will be repeated on a much larger scale, and not only in Odesa.

Dmitry Tymchuk, Coordinator, Information Resistance

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine



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