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DMITRY TYMCHUK: “Strelok” announcement and terrorist reaction to it

According to operational information from Information Resistance, today’s announcements by Igor “Strelok” Girkin caused a rather controversial reaction in the camp of the terrorists, whose base is located in Sloviansk.

In particular, [the terrorists reacted strongly] to the statements that all the “paramilitary structures” in Donbas must obey his [Strelok’s] orders and directives, and that all “undocumented” insurgents should be detained and in cases of armed confrontation, they should be destroyed on the spot.

Individual terrorist groups operating in eastern Ukraine, have accepted “Strelok’s” announcement as directed at them, and are now afraid not only of the Ukrainian special forces, but the Russian subversives as well.

According to our information, there are about 1,500 insurgents deployed in Sloviansk, whose checkpoints are located along the perimeter of the city. Six locations are equipped with mortars.

We have information that insurgents have found ways to infiltrate the ATO units’ cordon ring. For example, according to our data, insurgents from Sloviansk participated in the riots on May 9th in Mariupol, and returned to Sloviansk.

 Information Resistance

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine


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