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DMITRY TYMCHUK: Scorched earth rumors and rockets


According to operational data from Information Resistance, terrorists in the area of the ATO in Donbas are persistently spreading rumors among the local population that the Ukrainian special forces are preparing to use “scorched earth tactics.”

In particular, they allege that BM-21 “Grad” multiple rocket launching systems are currently being transferred to nearby Sloviansk and Kramatorsk. Earlier, terrorists in Sloviansk announced that Ukrainian Armed Forces artillery was operating near their positions.

According to IR data, these statements and gossip have nothing in common with reality. In the area of the ATO, neither the presence nor even the use of cannon or rocket artillery by the special forces has been observed.

The only people who have used artillery (mortars) in recent confrontations are the terrorists themselves. In particular, they used mortars last night [May 10] and this morning to shoot at the TV tower in Sloviansk.

Ukrainian special forces in the area of the ATO exclusively use armament systems that provide “point” defeat of armed terrorists.


Translated by Voices of Ukraine


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